Who you gonna turn to now from loneliness?
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PET SHOP BOYS - LONELINESS - A film by ALASDAIR McLELLAN is a bit lusty and very gay and probably NSFW? If you like your synthpop combined with orchestra strings, this might be your jam.

B-sides from the new single [Yes, they are putting out a physical single with b-sides that won't be on the album <3] are Party in the Blitz and Through you (extended mix) , which are both excellent in their own right.

Bonus listening: BBC RADIO 2 (31/01/2024) [11m30s]
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So excited for this! Thanks for posting.
posted by gentlyepigrams at 4:41 PM on February 10

meh a bit to much T&A for me
posted by robbyrobs at 5:10 PM on February 10

For me, it captured the sense of life as a single gay man in NYC, in the 80s. I was delighted. But it's nostalgia for the pre-AIDS world.
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But it's nostalgia for the pre-AIDS world.

Is it? It's set in 1992. It's lovely but so melancholy about the protagonist not being able to be himself. I really wanted it to end with a meaningful look between him and the pretty pretty boy, because I always want a happy ending/it gets better narrative, so I was sad when it closed on him looking all alone with his girlfriend on his lap.
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