An interview with painter Lee Krasner
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"Now then, this is what was happening to me: as I had worked so-called, from nature, that is, I am here and Nature is out there, whether it be in the form of a woman or an apple or anything else, the concept was broken and you faced a black canvas. Well, with the knowledge that I am nature and try to make something happen on that canvas, now this is the real transition that took place. And it took me some three years and what began to emerge in the first of these, which was around '46, were very small canvases, these things around here, what I refer to as the little image, were the first and as I gained confidence and strength, it expanded – it grew bolder in time." [Audio excerpt at link, with 45-page PDF transcript of interview]

Lee Krasner at Wikipedia. "The Life and Work of Abstract Expressionist Lee Krasner: A Biographer's View" on YouTube. Krasner at WikiArt.
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A favorite artist of mine...
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Thank you for posting this, to be saved for a later date.
Krasner is one of a handful of artists that as I have aged I have become more interested in.
A fascinating human being who had a fascinating life who was also an immensely talented artist.
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What he said.
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