September 23, 2002
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~Did I ever tell you I'm your hero? I am the subtext beneath your sling~
[Not work-safe. Don't read it out loud, anyway.]
While Nerve strives for intelligent, what about full-on intellectual erotica? I submit Foucault's Pendulous... at Suspect Thoughts. Not – at all – to be confused with Foucault's Pendulum, which oddly enough has its own bit of intellectual erotica in it that ties together the Khaballah, new pregnancy, and a woman telling her husband he's being an idiot, all at the same time.
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...I clench and spurt out "panopticon." My balls throb. Then my whole dick sneezes out "psychologico-medical armature" and I'm grunting for breath...

Thanks Su! brings a whole new meaning to "mindf*ck"...

and the Mineshaft was depicted perfectly!
posted by amberglow at 6:56 PM on September 23, 2002

Didn't I read about that episode in Miller's bio?

because he feels it's demeaning to fist a man whose legend valorizes the desire-driven and genitalized jerk-off fantasies of so many twenty-something post-gay geekoids like me.

Best use of the words "fist," "valorize" and "geekoid" in the same sentence. Ever.
posted by octobersurprise at 7:18 PM on September 23, 2002

An offering in honor of PWA_BadBoy and yhbc:

"As soon as they were alone in his tent he pounced on Misha who, squealing and resisting playfully, finally allowed him to lift her paradigm shift and unveil her prodigious buttocks."

*base text borrowed from Wilbur Smith
posted by taz at 1:57 AM on September 24, 2002

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