It’s a love story, Blobby just say yes
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In 2017, google said goodbye to the (controversial) blobs emoji collection to the dismay of many. More than seven years later, the blobs live on. Community efforts to extend the collection persist, including the beloved cat variant. Most notably,, a >30k member community designing blobs for Discord.
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No other emoji typeface has come close to the apotheosis of judgey, dismayed skepticism that is
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I approve this message.
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The blobcats seem to be quite popular in the realms of Mastodon that I see. I'd never seen them before I encountered them there.
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i always liked the android blobs a lot more than their replacements but i have to keep in mind that since the appearance is mostly left up to the device manufacturer, what i see them as and the emotions i invest in them are not what the recipient is seeing them as and what they take them to mean. factor in the generational context that often seems impenetrable to me and emoji usage starts to seem like something of a minefield for broad, general communications.

also, imagine giving discord money 😂
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@jedicus, thank you. Finally someone else appreciates that literally iconic emoji. Probably my favorite character in any emoji font. I carved it into a pumpkin and got it added to my mastodon instance, such are the depths of my devotion.
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I've felt for a while like Google kind of just institutionally lacked taste, but for years, the goofy blob emoji were an argument against this notion. Then they decided to get rid of them, as part of their transition from "having fun with things" to "corporate-mandated Fun is scheduled for today."
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