Bats, fangs, blood, and gore
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"There are at least a dozen Dracula ballets, beginning with the 1899 version created for the Budapest Opera." "The dancing has teeth (and so do the dancers)." The count at the Polish National Ballet (video [YT]. Dracula in Kansas City. Three Draculas to watch [YT].
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This post brought to you by the lovely production I saw yesterday of the Stevenson version, performed by the Richmond Ballet.
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Fangs for this...
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Well how neat.

obligatory link to that time I lived in Transylvania
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What, no Dracula: A Taste For Love?
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If you don't know about Dracula Daily...

Dracula is an epistolatory novel -- it's told through letters, diary entries, etc. They all have dates.

Dracula Daily will email you each day's entries in the Dracula story. The entries run from I think May until November.

Anyway, if you like the Dracula story and want to engage with it in a different way than maybe you have before, you can sign yup now and the emails will start whenever the calendar rolls around.

And I guess, getting the DD link to post here, that has become full of dark patterns requiring you to click correct buttons to keep from pledging and other things. I'm disappointed about this, but not surprised. It might not even be from the creator of the Substack, but might be Substack imposing it on this blog.

Substack is enshittififying very quickly.
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As someone who watched 13 Dracula films last October, I must mention Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary from 2002. He filmed the Winnipeg Ballet company in the style of early 1900s silent movies. A very surreal movie that includes hand-tinted colors, interstitial titles and a lurid Victorian presentation of sexuality (including some suggestive set decorations and doorframes).
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