Executors of collective falsehoods
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The chief and lethal irony of Fixer is that the more William persecutes the rich, the richer he himself becomes. By the end of it all, he is stranded in meaninglessness, unsure what his mission has accomplished, or for what reasons he’d been chosen to live it. “[M]y revenge,” he says, “had nothing to do with me, but instead was something I’d walked in on at just the right moment.” from Lethal Irony: On Han Ong’s “Fixer Chao” by Zoë Hu [LARB; ungated]
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(i rushed right over to try to buy the ebook after reading this...but no ebook is available? curses!)
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The book is available to borrow from the Internet Archive
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This sounds fantastic, thank you! Contemporary echoes of Dawn Powell maybe?
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