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Capital One announced this week that it intends to buy Discover in an all-stock deal valued at $35 billion, which would make it by some measures the largest credit card company in the U.S. While CEO Richard Fairbank covets Discover's independent payments network, consumer advocates fear a negative effect on its vaunted customer service, as well as a general trend of credit card companies squeezing customers more as they grow larger. Though there is an argument that the proposed deal will increase competition at the network level, it will still face heavy antitrust scrutiny from the Federal Reserve and Biden administration regulators. Meanwhile in Congress, criticism of the deal has already been aired by pro-regulation stalwarts, including Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and... Josh Hawley?
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As a Discover customer of 20 years, my reaction to this news is as follows: no.
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Josh Hawley shouldn't even be in Congress any longer.
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There is no good that can come from this
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It's no surprise to see Josh Hawley's name on that list. He's been a stalwart antitrust ally.
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Discover has a large office here in Columbus. (I used to work there in the Age of Customer Service.) Every single one of my friends that work there is being let go as part of this acquisition. It's going to destroy the brand in ways I cannot even fathom.
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If the FTC lets this go through without challenge, they are worthless.
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Huh; cheaper than Twitter.
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The US government should be focused on breaking up its economy's already highly-concentrated, monopolistic financial institutions, not passively watching further mergers and acquisitions.
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Discover has for years had the best customer service of any big business I've interacted with. (Liberty Mutual is also very good once you get a human being to talk to, but getting to a human is significantly harder.)
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The feds have been getting more aggressive on antitrust so I’m hopeful they kill this. Of course, these sorts of mergers take a year or two and we’ve got an election in 8 months, so…
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Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank

A good one for the nominative irony list.
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The Fed Is Behind the Capital One/Discover Merger
In 2010, Congress capped fees for debit card networks so merchants don't get gouged by Visa and Mastercard. But the Fed stuck in a loophole for Discover. And that is leading Capital One to buy it.
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Psht, naysayers, we all know the larger the corporation, the bigger the savings. These people are doing gods work, saving us from the high cost of small(er) business. I for one, welcome our new financial overlords.
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I set up a Resistbot "petition" (really like a form email) sent to the President. Text SIGN PBONZC to 50409 and it'll walk you through signing and show you the text. Or feel free to do this to get my text and then copy-paste and edit and re-paste into Resistbot if you want to customize.
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well that's disappointing. Time to find another credit card.
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it will still face heavy antitrust scrutiny from the Federal Reserve and Biden administration regulators.

Maybe. On the other hand- Senator MBNA
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Stop these companies from merging. Sick of the oligarchies and even more sick on the duopolies and the functional monopolies should be destroyed, their wealth redistributed.
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