Beautiful faces. beautiful clothes, beautiful soundtrack
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When bewildered by the current state of affairs in the world, I turn to things like this to brighten my day. I love beautiful tailoring and design in clothing. But the reason for my post is that a friend of mine does the soundtrack for MaxMara couture runway shows, We go back a fair bit. We both worked an artsy restaurant in Soho NYC in the late 70's. Dishwashers. $4.00 an hour cash, and one meal. This is when Soho was still affordable.

Cold water lofts were to be had for $300.00 or 400.00 dollars a month. Just a big white space, no kitchen, bedrooms, etc. My friend, Johnny Dynell (D.J. name) was always interested in going to clubs, and always had music blasting. He eventually got work as a d.j. in various clubs downtown. I'm proud to see he is doing so well. This is MaxMara couture show in Milan.
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Max Mara fall winter 2024 was stellar one of their best I love the shimmy movement of the bottom of the pants the shimmy movement of the coats at the waist A traditional A Hollywood look An Italian look just gorgeous
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It speaks to me.
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Johnny Dynell... isn't he also, cheekily, the "Johnny Ryall" of Paul's Boutique?
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