A Scottish landscape painter living in Shetland
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Ruth Brownlee's evocative work is described as 'very much about Shetland and its elements'

Not quite a miniature painter, but she captures large scenes in small works. Found this morning via Warren Ellis' newsletter.

Note: her main page loads quickly for me, but the main image is slower. The New Work page loads fine.
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These are so beautiful. I love when an artist seems so transfixed with a subject and keeps coming back and trying to capture it in iteration after iteration. Capturing its beauty in a hundred different ways. I was just admiring an artist’s sketchbook of solely apples yesterday (Instagram link)
The ‘new work’ page you posted is a balm for the eyes and soul.
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I once had a job interview in Lerwick, and was flown up to the Shetlands to spend a couple of days there - I suspect this was intended to ensure that candidates got the full measure of what it would mean to live in such a remote place and so might be less likely to take the job sight unseen and then freak out once they got there. It was one of the starkest landscapes I'd ever seen - we were taken on a minibus ride round the main island - and was just like in these pictures and was absolutely beautiful.
Thank you for posting this.
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I'm really enjoying these--thanks so much for posting! Shetland is one of those places I'd really love to visit (but likely never shall).
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Beautiful! I love the moodiness of her work.
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If you ever have the time and money (and don't mind sleeping in a coffin-sized space), I highly recommend visiting Shetland by sea on The Swan, a 124-year-old Shetland-built fishing boat that offers various trips. No sailing experience necessary.
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