A computer that could expand with the addition of modular components
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The Apple Jonathan : A Very 1980’s Concept Computer That Never Shipped

The graphical renders are by Dana Sibera @NanoRaptor
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The venerable 'Behind the Bastards' podcast recently detailed what a dogshit human Steve Jobs was. Good background listening.
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The Jonathan concept is quite similar to the Convergent NGEN / Burroughs B20-series modular computers, which actually shipped.
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I was in the group that began discussing what this machine was going to be. The modular design popped up right away. It was believed to address the yuppie desire for modular stereo systems. Modules were to be plug and play hopefully with the ability to plug and unplug things as needed. Software came up, and we discussed having a universal document type with various tools in a universal document app to create and edit various types of things in a single document. We had maybe five meetings, it was a long time ago, and then I got moved in a job reshuffle. I was at Apple for another five or more years and the Jonathan project faded away pretty quickly. All these pictures floating around now? I never saw them at Apple as I’ve only seen them recently. Steve Perlman, of WebTV fame, was part of this group.
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The reason you havent seen these pictures before is that they are new graphical renders, based on probably little more than descriptions of what the machine might have been. The boxy design is vaguely reminiscent of the Hewlett Packard 300 Series.
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Real fans know Apple was referring to Jonathan Ames
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whoooa this is cool
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I was in the group that began discussing what this machine was going to be.
@ njohnson23 I am so curious to hear more (and I don't think I'm alone)

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