The Moon is (not) made of Cheese.
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This is my absolute favorite! My students used to love watching Wallace and Gromit after exams. I had no idea they were huge in Cuba.
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A Grand Day Out is still my favorite Wallace and Gromit production. It doesn't have any villains, just two friends exploring the lunar landscape, and an, er, misunderstanding with a vending machine. And Wallace's voice was perfectly cast! RIP Peter Sallis, OBE.
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I would like to think all of us have been through Wallace's 5 step troubleshooting process with the vending machine: a)initial confidence, b)mounting frustration, c)tentative use of force, d)breaking something, e)covering it up and walking away sheepishly.
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My absolute favourite bit in this- has been since I first saw this, probably about age 10 - is the mice watching the rocket take off- I won't spoil it but it tickles my sense of humour exactly.

The train sequence in "the wrong trousers" is probably my absolute favourite, though.
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Yes, the train.
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My children grew up with this one. I watched it oh so many times, and still feel bad about the vending machine.
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The vending machine was ok! Also slightly homicidal. I wouldn't feel bad.
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When my son was about 2 we watched one of the Wallace and Gromit movies every single day. I could have quoted you all the dialogue in all of them. He's almost 30 now but I still love the movies!
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I moved out of my parents' house a week after my eighteenth birthday and one of the moving-out gifts they gave me was a Wallace & Gromit alarm clock. When it went off Wallace would blare "Morning, Gromit! Time for walkies!" and if you hit the snooze button ten minutes later he would shout "Come on then, Gromit; don't be a lazybones!"

It was charming, I thought, or rather I thought that until one day I dropped it and it broke and the specific way that it broke was that it would go off every hour on the hour between 2 AM and 6 AM. A more reasonable young man would have either repaired or discarded it but I was not that reasonable young man and I took a perverse pride in it. I was already doing a number of things that were messing with my ability to differentiate between when I was awake and when I was dreaming; the Wallace & Gromit clock just added to the state of perpetual mental twilight in which I was living.

It was, as you might imagine, intensely unpopular with the women who would sometimes spend the night with me. There were by my count three occasions where a woman told me to choose between the alarm clock and her; I chose the clock two out of three times. One of the women turned out not to mean it; one of the women did mean it but I think we both knew there was no chance we would have had a lasting relationship anyway; the woman for whom I finally got rid of the clock became my girlfriend for just shy of six years and is still a dear friend.

Morning, Gromit! Time for walkies!
Morning, Gromit! Time for walkies!
Morning, Gromit! Time for walkies!

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Don't forget the bisquits! Can't have cheese without!

And also,

"Let's get organized down there!" I think is the train scene with sheep.
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