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meow.camera lets you watch live feeds from hundreds (thousands?) of cozy and custom-decorated cat feeders set up throughout various cities in China.

The organization that created the cat feeders is called 哈啰街猫 (Hello Street Cat), but each one is locally maintained by a volunteer human caretaker who keeps it clean and tops off the food supply. The cameras are used to track and identify the stray cats, and the organization says it has thus far led to the trap/neuter/release of over 25,000 cats. An official phone app apparently lets viewers donate to immediately release additional food/treats.

Here's a scrappy little English language wiki some fans have set up.

And here's some footage of a hedgehog!
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(Best is when two cats show up at once, or when they lounge around on top of each other for a while. It's currently nighttime, but note the whole thing is also a little more engaging during daylight hours, when you can catch a bit of neighborhood/shelter/shop context around the edges of the frame.)
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As someone who takes care of a small colony of feral cats I can attest that having street cats to watch is marvelous; it's like a cross between an aquarium and a reality show. Following the drama that goes on in my yard is enormously entertaining.

There are probably street cats in your neighborhood who need your help. If you want to start feeding them, I highly recommend Alley Cat Allies, which is full of excellent resources. They've established a Feral Friends Network which can get you in contact with local people who can help you get a colony healthy and stable. There's also an active and helpful subreddit dedicated to helping feral kitties.

It's amazing how much of a difference you can make in their lives.
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Lol there's a badger eating at Ms Fellow.
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Oh, this is what my day needed!
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FYI, the web viewer linked will only display cameras being watched by someone using the app, which I can’t seem to find a link for on the iOS App Store.
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Ms Dress is sleeping behind her mound of chow :D
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FYI, the web viewer linked will only display cameras being watched by someone using the app...

Huh, curious. When clicking on cameras I've saved as favorites, I'll often see a "turning on feeder camera, please be patient" message, but maybe that's misleading? (Sometimes it does seem to get hung up on that message.)

...which I can’t seem to find a link for on the iOS App Store.

I haven't dug around to determine if this is actually by the original company (hence not linking to it), but "Purrrr! -feed online" looks like it might be an international version of the (China-only?) JieMao app. (This subreddit post is where I just saw it mentioned.)
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I don't know why I was startled each time I clicked on one and there was a cat. What was I expecting?
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I found one where a very sleepy cat was snoozing with its head cradled in the feeder opening.
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This one -- right now, at least -- has three little kittens, one of whom just started pawing at the camera!
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I'd somehow missed that the "Front" "Top" and "Back" buttons in the lower-right let you cycle between three different cameras. I've noticed "Top" often seems to show extra cats waiting along the edges (especially at this feeder, which I think might be inside of an animal shelter).
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