Charles The Carpathian
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Buckingham Palace has revealed King Charles III's first official post-coronation portrait, and the work by artist Jonathan Yeo has proven to be...divisive in its design.

The portrait, awash in a red that melds with the subject's uniform, has raised a good deal of commentary/snark about the design, as well as the sort of media that it fits into or was taken from.
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I find the way it makes his face float out in front of the sea of red quite odd. More like fan-art than royal portrait, in my opinion.
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I thought the sea of red symbolized the massive amount of blood shed in the course of empire but, okay, there's a butterfly so it's all cool.
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I can't find the link to it but someone mocked it up as a cover for Hellblazer. When I first saw it, I legit thought it was a parody of the actual portrait, but uh...
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I like everything about the portrait except the red color.
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It is universally agreed upon amongst comics fans that it looks like a Hellblazer cover. There are mock ups even. Generally accepted that it would be an Ennis issue, though I would also accept Spurrier.
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There’s also been a Teressa May portrait that looks like a Shade the Changing Man cover.
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The Daily Mash, 'My new portrait reflects my desire to, as Slayer sang, Reign In Blood' says Charles.
His Royal Highness said: “I was no more than an impressionable young man of 38 when Slayer released this game-changing set, and it made a lifelong impression.

“From the moment I heard Raining Blood – ‘raining blood from a lacerated sky, bleeding its horror, creating my structure, now I shall reign in blood’ – I knew. That was me. That would be my model for my time on the throne.
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looks cool to me, but I doubt I'd vote for him
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looks cool to me, but I doubt I'd vote for him
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You don't vote for kings!
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Well obviously it was painted that way to appeal to Queen Carmilla. (Ahem, I'll just see myself out ...)
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Since I'm replaying Fallout 4, it reminds me of the paintings found in Pickman's gallery. You know, the ones painted in blood. Ugh.
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Did the artist subconsciously (or consciously) want to set Charles on fire?
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Rod Serling: ...and this work brings with it a cautionary tale of an ancient curse on a royal bloodline, entitled "The Man Who Would Be King," tonight's offering in the Night Gallery.
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Butterfly: Psst… your red velvet cloak makes you look like a fancy tomato
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You don't vote for kings!

well, not with that attitude you don't
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Apparently we're at the at the mirror the image to find Baphomet phase of the discourse as well.

I did like what someone had to say about that:
Listen, dorks, the most evil part of any picture of the King of England is that the King of England is in it. It's pre-eviled! This is like playing Fuck Tha Police backwards to try and find hidden anti-police messages!
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It's interesting that everyone's describing this as red - it gives more an impression of pink than red, to me. I thought maybe it was just my monitor but now I see this in the Guardian review linked in the OP: "Charles’s red military uniform melds with a pinkish psychedelic splurge". It's a hot pink portrait of a king!

I wonder why he's portrayed in full military getup, sword and all. Was it his choice, or is it (and maybe the color) a comment by the artist on the violence of empire? Then again, Charles has reigned over the least in the way of empire of any British ruler in centuries, by far. The Guardian reviewer seems to think there's nothing deep here: "Yeo’s art is formulaic and this one follows the formula. He does a pedantic study of someone’s features then – daringly! – collides this staid depiction with a free burst of lurid abstract wallpaper. He did Cara Delevingne in a vague subaqua setting and Taron Egerton in purple and pink rain. To me this is an evasion of actual portraiture which is based on acute, hard observation."

Here's a link to his other portraits.
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To be fair, it's not a bad portrait at all (and Chuck Rex does deserve some credit for making such a bold choice!), but...dear God it's just such inviting snark bait.
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Thanks, I hate it. It looks like an illustration in an expensive industry journal. Reminds me of Lucian Freud's portrait of QE.
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Poor Prince Charles. He and portrait aren’t BOTH supposed to age.
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It's amazing!! Could this be a more overt critique of empire?? I fucking love it. The butterfly is the perfect, ironic cherry on top of the bloodbath.
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Those links from trig are good. It seems like this is the artist's usual style: he often does a realistic face against a bright wash of colour. It doesn't seem like he's trying to erase or diminish Charles III in particular.
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Looks like what I'd expect to see if I hired this artist?
That much said, I do find it odd that the artist has a very similar portrait of an elderly man in military uniform with red background.

He looks a bit too... friendly? I'd agree it's a flattering portrait, overall.
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You don't vote for kings!

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

But, frankly, it beats whatever the hell it is we have going on here.
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Meanwhile, in other portraiture related news:

Interestingly, the artist in that dispute has also painted a portrait of Charles in military getup, "in the central Australian desert, looking very uncomfortable indeed."
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Overall, I like this portrait. I particularly like how the artist chose to include Charles's meaty sausage fingers.
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There was a time when portraits (and copies) allowed people who had never seen a monarch in person to know what they look like but now we have TV and slightly photoshopped personal snapshots from the Princess of Wales for that, so it is good that royal portraits have gone down a more artistic path.
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I like it but I guess I'm wrong [The Guardian].
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I don't know what a Hellboy is, but I know great portraiture when I see it. Brava.
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Chuck Rex lol

I too immediately thought of the blood of Empire.
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"Charlie.... come rule for us.... rule for us forever, Charlie"
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I kind of like it.

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There's no life behind the eyes. While that's certainly partially the subject's fault, the artist's schtick - while lucrative - tends towards a leaden flatness. Like Kincaid's "light", there should be vitality but capitalism - both in the form of actual commissions or in the form of social capital - has zombified the product.
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The SCP Foundation would like to apologize for this unfortunate containment breach. A mobile task force has been dispatched to contain the cursed object, and amnestics will be distributed as needed.
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looks like Jeff Goldblum
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is this a Oblivious Anime Guy meme?
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For some reason what came to my mind was Ian McKellen as Richard III falling to a fiery death. Which I think adds to the impression that there's something tragic and doomed about this portrait. For all of Charles' pretensions of being a "modern" monarch, everything about his reign is coming off as backward-looking and ill-suited to the times.
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I'd like it as an art piece, but a bloodsoaked Charles as his Official Portrait is not a great look. Why didn't they do this in like, blue or green? Now everyone is thinking of devils, bloodsoaked empires, and tampons.
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Not a huge Yeo fan but I feel like the dead eyes kind of work in this instance. That and the slight smirk, plus the butterfly are giving me disaster girl meme vibes. Perfect for the monarch of a blood-drenched colonialist empire.
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Makes me think of Neo in the pod right before he wakes up
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Or--and I'm sure I'm not the first here--Han in carbonite
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I like it but I guess I'm wrong [The Guardian].

Jonathan Jones has an over-the-top hatred of almost everything (tho he is often correct, tbf)
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The monarchy is ridiculous, but the painting is pretty nice. If it were of someone more interesting I wouldn't be adverse to hanging it in my living space.

I feel like the author of Guardian piece is looking in the wrong place if they want art that reflects unspoken truth. This is an official portrait. It has nothing to do with reality.
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I liked that the painting made no attempt to sugarcoat Charles' age. It's an odd official portrait, to be sure. I suppose somebody could try a neo-Elizabethan style, intricately-symbolic portrait?
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I love the portrait, but I hated the background, so I made a small adjustment to it, to make it more Melania Xmas in the White House-y.
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I like it. It shows the demonic aspect of monarchy in general and the British empire in particular.
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I like how unimposing it is. He's almost disappearing into the chaos of history. To the extent that you can see him at all, he looks very human and mortal, and the butterfly just makes him seem more harmless and fragile.

This is not how a dictator would want to be portrayed, fading into the background like this. Charles always seemed sort of hapless to me, living in the shadow of his long-ruling mother and even his glamorous dead ex-wife.

I kind of looked down on him for that, but this actually makes me like him a little better. If he approved this, I have to assume he's saying he never wanted to rule or be in the spotlight, and that the shadows are fine with him. I have a new appreciation for that now that we have so many would-be strongmen in world politics. Good for Charles for blending into the wallpaper and playing with butterflies, I guess. He could do a lot worse.
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head hands butterfly blood

I like it. My first impression of this portrait was the most human impression I've ever had of this human. I was not expecting to be impressed. Delicacy in the context of empire. A flap of some historical wing that determined he be a monarch and not a botanist or anything else. Heads and hands are assigned so much agency, but ah

I can despise the bloody empire and take a moment to feel sweet and mournful for a fragile boy determined by birth to be its avatar. What a headfuck that must be.
He chose this portrait more than he ever chose that life, and it surprised me a little.
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I thought he'd been frozen in carbonite by Jabba the Hutt.
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I like it.

And it's quite sensible. If you look closely, you'll see that the face is just a big sticker. At the next coronation, they'll peel off the face and -- voila! -- William's been waiting underneath all along.
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Based on a very brief survey of his work, I find I like Yeo. His George Bush portrait made up of porno stills and the Cameron portrait with the bent poppy pin are both really good, imo. Surveying his work, I don't see a man who paints people pleasing pieces--he has a point of view and possibly even opinions. I think painting an unflattering Charles head floating over a sea of red and pink just barely obscuring a military uniform is not *not* political, which is something I can appreciate in an official portrait of a monarch in 2024.
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"i used to have a tv set that did that"

"maybe if they put a good guys hat on him"
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My first reaction upon seeing it is definitely MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD KING but I echo the sentiments of the majority of this thread in finding the portrait unerringly fascinating. There are so many choices to unpack here. The one that sticks with me is just how...low self-esteem?...this portrait seems. Like Charles insisted that he was not enough for his own portrait. Which could feasibly be in keeping with the arc of his life.
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Why didn't they do this in like, blue or green?

Green might've looked like the portrait of Barack Obama.

Now everyone is thinking of devils, bloodsoaked empires, and tampons.

Well, now I am.
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METAFILTER: everyone is thinking of devils, bloodsoaked empires, and tampons
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That butterfly is totally metal. Still, I wish the artist had turned up the Francis Bacon dial.
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Finally, Ghostbusters II is the correct answer.
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I think it's weird so few outlets are commenting on the butterfly by way of using the word MONARCH.

I love it. I think it was a cheeky choice by the artist, all that blood of the empire. It's unsettling, and should be, a portrait of a friggin' king! Of course, the whole IDEA and HISTORY of kings is unsettling!
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Yeo's 2014 portrait of Camilla [then scroll down]
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It is interesting--why red/pink? Purple seems like a much more obvious choice, although of course it wouldn't exactly match the uniform. What it reminds me of, really, is how, despite the expense and aspiration to grandeur of the coronation, a lot of the pictures ended up looking a bit sad. "Party City king costume" was the running joke. Several commentators pointed out that the "slimmed down" royal family that Charles has been pushing left the traditional balcony photo op feel thin and disconnected.

This portrait seems designed for getting attention--the bright pulsing color, the frankly enormous size of the canvas--but to the same effect of making Charles himself feel like a bit of an afterthought, literally fading into the background. Royal critics for a long time have described Charles as a man who wants power and adulation, who believes he deserves it; in this light, the benevolence in the face of the portrait could seem like an attempt to force the kind of public admiration his mother gained so easily. I am reminded that the coronation was originally supposed to include the British public proclaiming an oath of loyalty to the new king (with a 100M price tag).
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> Meanwhile, in other portraiture related news:

Was hoping someone who knows more about the Rinehart context than I do would make an FPP on that.
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Yeo's 2014 portrait of Camilla [then scroll down]

She's enveloped in a haze of gin & smoke which I take it is on brand for Camilla.
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It reminds me of Obama's portrait
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> That butterfly is totally metal.

I didn't even notice the butterfly at first but that was my first thought, that the whole thing is way more metal than warranted for that dude.
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My wife also saw Han Solo in carbonite, gottabefunky.
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I like it, but I unironically have a Tretchikoff print hanging in my dining room.
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[To Portrait Artist:] "Depict me as a battle-wizened General, sword in hand, emerging from the fire and smoke of a battle in Hell itself."'

[To Chief of Staff] "Have my body-servant draw me a hot bath and fetch me a pumice-stone, I opened a door by myself this morning and may be developing a callus. And have my door-opener executed."
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Well obviously it was painted that way to appeal to Queen Carmilla

For cstross:

The grave of the Countess Mircalla was opened; and the General and my
father recognized each his perfidious and beautiful guest, in the face
now disclosed to view. The features, though a hundred and fifty years
had passed since her funeral, were tinted with the warmth of life. Her
eyes were open; no cadaverous smell exhaled from the coffin. The two
medical men, one officially present, the other on the part of the
promoter of the inquiry, attested the marvelous fact that there was a
faint but appreciable respiration, and a corresponding action of the
heart. The limbs were perfectly flexible, the flesh elastic; and the
leaden coffin floated with blood, in which to a depth of seven inches,
the body lay immersed.

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I really like King Charles' face in the portrait. I look at that and it doesn't matter what the rest of it is, to me that's a great portrait.
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Was just browsing his website, and his NSFW(!) porn collage of George Bush Jr. popped up. LINK.
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The mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has demanded the National Gallery of Australia remove her portrait from an exhibition by the award-winning artist Vincent Namatjira.

The line between artist and seaside caricaturist can be both fine and outright hilarious.
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IDK why y'all are complaining. "King engulfed in flames" seems like the perfect punctuation point for the end of a monarchy.
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I love it. It is odd and unexpected and beautiful and terrible.
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It’s a painting with a message, and the message is: YOU PERFORMED THE CORONATION. I CAME. NO TEARS PLEASE; IT’S A WASTE OF GOOD SUFFERING.
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Oh look you can even buy merch from the artist. Including wallpaper. Or a print of that Bush portrait.
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It's giving me Viggo vibes for sure. Who are we gonna call now??
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I’ve worked with better, but not many.
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I still need to think some more about reviewer Jonathan Jones's opinion of Yeo's portrait, but after following a link to his review of a retrospective on my man Frans Hals, I'm inclined to hate him for ever and ever, so there.
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If you hold a piece of coloured cellophane over it a secret image reveals his lizard form.
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if you stand back and cross your eyes you can see pink floyd and dolphins man
posted by They sucked his brains out! at 6:59 PM on May 15

i really like it, I think it's neat
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Oh good, it's already in the title. Look, I have just one job and I'm going to do it. I'm going to make the joke and say the thing. Because honestly it's the first thing I though of in the first millisecond of seeing the thumbnail of the painting. I mean, come on.

Granted the field of blood is at least a bit more honest than most paintings of this aort stately ilk.

Does anyone know if the artist still alive? You used to get tossed in an oubliette for this kind of thing,
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"These aren’t your ordinary canvases. You don’t find Monet in a mausoleum or van Gogh in a graveyard.”

-Rod Serling.
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The crossover between “people who are annoyed by modern art” and “people who are annoyed by the royal family” is hard to find, but this painting successfully manages it
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One of those sleeves looks a bit photoshopped. Are we sure that's actually Charles we're seeing walk around in public?
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“You don’t find Monet in a mausoleum or van Gogh in a graveyard.”

I hate to dispute with Mr. Serling, but that is more or less where you will find them today.
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Every time I look at this picture I laugh.

Is the English Royal Family finally owning up to being bloodthirsty demon lords or is it that Charles thinks maybe he can distract us with the bloodthirsty demon lord thing and we'll forget about, well, literally everything else about Charles.

The butterfly looks like a bachelorette party tattoo

I mean, I am not an art critic, but given Charles' most famous quote (to his mistress turned wife), it is a hell of a choice to surround yourself with so much visceral red.

Does Camilla have a bachelorette party butterfly tattoo?

Does Charles have a bachelorette party butterfly tattoo?

Show of Hands: how many people* globally have a positive association with a white English dude in a red coat?
*Also foxes

Every time I look at this picture I laugh.
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It's a remarkable piece of work. I love it. The King should love it. If you choose to view it as menacing (and you can), then good on it. After all, every life the British government ends, and every life the British government saves, it does in the King's name, and you had better believe that while the King can't dictate what university fees are or what the target rate for sterling should be, the RAF and RN have never bombarded a country the King or Queen wanted not to be bombarded.
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So like, what does Charles think the red background is? Global warming?
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Red's fine
The butterfly is cool
I mean, it's good
But the unicorn just above
His other shoulder is boffo.
Go King Charlie!
Give it your best shot!
posted by mule98J at 11:21 AM on May 16

I just showed this to a friend and she literally leapt back and said, "That's AWFUL!!!" Another friend eas all, "I can't unsee that!"
posted by jenfullmoon at 1:44 PM on May 16

In an interview with Marie Claire, Yeo explains why there was so much red.
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