The eXile's Gary Brecher,
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The eXile's Gary Brecher, as offensive and amusing as usual, pondering the future of war: "The only enjoyable wars will be the mismatches, when the machine armies are unleashed on the savages. We've seen some of them lately: the NATO air forces working out on Serbia, the US and British planes playing with the Iraqis like a couple of kittens with a half-dead mouse. They're the wars people will enjoy, because the targets are so easy, so undefended, that there are lots of good gun-camera shots. But these wars have a little weakness: they never solve the problem."
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Wow, a war topic. Haven't talked about that in a while...
posted by Dark Messiah at 5:19 PM on October 3, 2002

Metafilter: Don't mention the war.
posted by ToothpickVic at 5:27 PM on October 3, 2002

MetaFilter: "Get Your War On (ELSEWHERE!)"
posted by Dark Messiah at 5:27 PM on October 3, 2002

Metafilter: "Respond First, Read Links Later"
posted by GriffX at 5:35 PM on October 3, 2002

MetaFilter: a.k.a. NewsFilter
posted by gen at 5:37 PM on October 3, 2002

MetaFilter: Self-policing since 1999
posted by fuzz at 5:46 PM on October 3, 2002

fuzz - wouldn't exactly call this a link to a mainstream news story. Kind of why it was posted, actually.
posted by GriffX at 5:52 PM on October 3, 2002

GriffX, read the discussion over there (that 6-minute delay probably wasn't long enough). You've fallen into an area of wider discontent.
posted by fuzz at 5:54 PM on October 3, 2002

i thought it was a fun read. thanks.
posted by donkeyschlong at 6:03 PM on October 3, 2002

incidentally, what's with all the shitheads who post without even reading the article?
posted by donkeyschlong at 6:05 PM on October 3, 2002

Quality read. A bit rough, but interesting.
posted by Darke at 6:14 PM on October 3, 2002

And then...well, something else, something no one will predict, will happen. And a big brand new bloody mess of a world will be born. But that will be your problem. I'll be safe on a shelf in one of Fresno's many fine crematoria, dreaming of the Thirty Years' War.
Great stuff, and more truth than poetry in it, as my dear old Aunt Bettie used to say. Thanks.
posted by languagehat at 7:02 PM on October 3, 2002

Great rag filled with brooding, bitter sodden Russian irony. Besides, I found here, to Miguel's probable consternation, that Russia GDP Surpasses Portugal.
posted by semmi at 7:25 PM on October 3, 2002

Go lynch a CNN thread, folks; this one's just fine.

Down here, everything will go on getting smaller and smarter, like a math class full of Chinese transfers.

I feel vaguely guilty for finding this hilarious. But I still find it hilarious.
posted by ook at 7:35 PM on October 3, 2002

Good read-- quickly, 150 years from now, he's assuming the US will still be at the forefront financially and technologically, which I find interesting.
I would love to see his ideas over power/war fought at the controls and computers, only to shoot the shit afterwards over beer.
And to sum it up for those who didn't bother with the link, blame Canada, bomb Mexico. Right?
Thanks, griffX, I'd never read Gary Brecher.
posted by G_Ask at 8:10 PM on October 3, 2002

lots of good gun-camera shots

Bomb clusters! We need tighter bomb clusters!! It'll be a feather in my cap!!! That damn Yossarian, screwing up my tight bomb clusters...
posted by The Michael The at 8:23 PM on October 3, 2002

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