Jimmy Brelsin has been taking stabs at Catholic Church
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Jimmy Brelsin has been taking stabs at Catholic Church over the last two days (the bishops are abusing money this time). As one of the last true beat reporters in NYC, if not the nation, he's been writing for underdogs for over 40 years. Fairly well too.
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Breslin(!) had a great column the other day too...he's really the last old-time NYC columnist left...

props to babylonian for keeping the article
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Funny, the New York Times has had, in the past 35 years, executive editors from both Mississippi (Turner Catledge) and Alabama (Howell Raines), both "low IQ states" in Breslin's estimation. But of course the Times is competition, so . . . Oh, the NY Review of Books is owned by a native Mississippian too. This year's Pulitzer winner for non-fiction, who lives in New York, is from Alabama. Yes, there are major differences between NY and the rest of the country, but they feed off one another. They are interdependent. And plenty of NY-based media have fed - or tried to feed - war fever in recent months.
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Maybe it's not cool to love Breslin, but not many writers would cover JFK's funeral by interviewing the gravedigger
his Gutierrez book I found very moving
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Breslin used to be a great reporter and columnist, unfortunately he has lost it. An accurate view of the current Breslin.
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matteo: The guy had me going until he started to call anyone who vaguely disagrees with Bush, and who happens to be a Democrat, a fool - literally, a fool.
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One of the last true beat reporters? I know plenty of reporters who bust their ass every day covering their beats. Most work very long hours, often on weekends and holidays, and get paid peanuts. It's tough, thankless work, but it's invaluable to the communities they cover.

Jimmy Breslin is a journalism legend -- and rightfully so. But you don't need to work for a large-circulation NY publication and be constantly bathed in the national spotlight to be a "true" beat reporter.
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I've read the NYPress column
I only agree with the Red Sox stuff
Just that
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"I feel sorry for most dogs, having to be closed up in an apartment all day. That is the measure of class of the owner. They have the dog in jail all day.

At the same time, I despise having the dog on the same sidewalk with me."

This is my favorite. Made my day when I was home sick a couple of weeks ago. Don't blame me- I like dogs. But I like reading Breslin too.
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