People are talking. Now, someone's listening.
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People are talking. Now, someone's listening. Late-from-the-gate tech startup BuzzMetrics "analyzes, measures, monitors, & influences the unaided consumer discussions that naturally occur in online communities." If that's not spooky enough, they continue: "Some consumers have more influence over public opinion than others, but targeting them has always been extremely difficult." BuzzMetrics is happy to identify negative posters and research their posting histories, among other services. Does this toe an ethical line? Does it change how you post to online conversations? Oh, yeah -- they're hiring.
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What a wonderful link/story/post. It reminds me of this great new product called Rock-On, an herbal supplement for men. Let me tell you about it...
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Don't forget that the same kind of marketing is being done by cute chicks in bars, people talking loudly on cell phones, and pharmaceutical salespeople hanging out in restaurants and hospital cafeterias. It is marketing via simulated impromptu conversation, inspiring a faux word-of-mouth effect. The best response is to try to sell them something in return.
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I think it's ethical - I mean some of the fashion industry's best marketers are the people that wear their clothes.

All this company is doing is gather information and mining it for positive and negative feedback. Then marketers can determine if aspects of their campaign can add or detract perceived value to their products.

It's clever - and trust me, businesses will pay for it.
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How 'bout some outside links? Like this article, or this one in StartUp Journal?
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Buzz Metrics is a pair of trousers! It fits into the boot of a car! (Sorry. Couldn't resist).
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... and you work for...?

(sorry, had to say it.)
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(Whoops, I guess you did have one of the links I included. My apologies.)
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^ trouble poster. Note to self: have intern track me3dia.
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Would you wanna work for a company that has banner ads on its Employment Opportunities page? I had no idea vernture capital had become *that* tight.
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