Playing Chicken with Politics.
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Playing Chicken with Politics. What do you do when a defecting party from your coalition ends up in another coalition with your opposition (and thereby removing you from power in the local legislature)? Why you get a giant chicken to follow the defecting party's chairman around for two weeks! Is this just political grandstanding? And even if so would it be effective? Would it work anywhere else?
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I love the photo gallery page the last link goes to... it's like a slide show of the world's weirdest acid trip.
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politicians are so mature.
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During the 2000 elections, Ozone Action (which eventually folded and the leadership took over greenpeace US) followed the presidential candidates around wearing big smokestack hats and holding pacards that said, 'What's Your Plan?' in an effort to have them address climate change. Eventually, John McCain had the Ozone Action kids come on his bus and talk with him for a while about the issue. He did some research, talked to some people, and now he's one of the enviro's biggest (if not biggest) backers in the Senate.
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For the Afrikaans impaired out there, the phrase "Kortbroek is bangbroek" translates to "Kortbroek is a scaredy pants". Kortbroek is the local nickname for the NP leader (it translates to "Short pants" but really means "Smallfry" in this context, due to his short stature, youthful looks and relative age to other politicians)
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Oh my god, I had to read the FPP 4 times before I realized the word was defecting, and not defecating.

Why you get a giant chicken to follow the defecating party's chairman.....
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perhaps said party has been watching old Michael Moore re-runs w/ Cracks The Crime Fighting Chicken...
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