The National Organization to Shoot Bill O'Reilly Into the Sun.
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The National Organization to Shoot Bill O'Reilly Into the Sun. Complete with mission statements, fundraising information (they've raised $145 so far out of two billion dollars,) and vital related links to pages about O'Reilly, Jesse Jackson, and Squirrel sex (not all at once, though.)
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I like the hate mail section (those are always the best sections on sites like these).

Subject: you are an idiot
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 19:35:44 -0700

I looked at your web site and I found it to be not only dumb, but proof that
you are not American. You are probably some stupid, love life, illegal
immigrant. If you are an "illegal immigrant" then you are not an immigrant
at all, just a stupid criminal. Bill Oreilly is a little too religeous, but
he is a good American, and he always puts America's interests FIRST. You
should think about that.

Jake Bass

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Subject: hello
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 20:35:02 -0700

Dear Steve,

You suck ass and may you smoke my cock, long and hard.

My Minty Sack
Kyle Jones


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Could he take Phil Donahue with him? Please?
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Apparently, O'Reilly is huge in the 18yo Trekkie/Biker demographic...
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O'Reilly is so in love with himself that he'll probably show the site in his "stupid news" segment or whatever it's called

stupid, love life, illegal

"love life"?
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I don't think that he has put it on the TV show, but I have been to this site before, and I read that O'Reilly is actually trying to get this guy on his radio show and interview him... (and that Bill, himself, finds this funny)
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I like how matter-of-fact they are about it. I think that's what really makes the site work; they don't sound full of rage, they just sound like simple plainspoken people setting out to do what has to be done. It kind of makes sense that O'Reilly would be able to get the joke. It's the sort of thing I can imagine saying to a friend who I disagreed with politically.

Now that I think about it, the tone reminds me a bit of Donald Barthelme's "Some Of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby", though of course the writing isn't as masterful as Barthelme's.
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Two odd themes seem to run through much of the hate mail are (as exemplified by the following quotes):

1: Your obvious dist[d]ain, not only for Bill, but also for the First ammendment makes your website outlandish and irrelevant

As if the 1st amendment should prevent Bill O'Reilly from being criticized, but not the website.

2:why don't you do something interesting and original instead of using other people you don[']t like as a basis for your lame website?

As if writing hate mail to this website were some kind of major creative endeavor.
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From the "Links" page:

O'Reilly is totally obsessed with Jesse Jackson. It is kind of creepy that one person would spend so much of their time and energy dedicated to a person who they can't stand.

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If only people could learn to love each other.
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Say the acronym NOBOIS as a word and it's "No boys."
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It's actually NOSBOIS, which is French: "nos bois", or "our wood". Heh.
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I see. Compare the reception of this site with a link I posted. I was called every name in the book.

Not that Metafilter is biased in any way.
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dhartung, I think the main difference is that the site you linked to isn't very funny. Politics aside, it's shrill and ugly. The NOSBOIS site, on the other hand, managed to get the tone just right; there's even some generously self-deprecating humor in there (see ook's comment). Yeah, I know humor is pretty subjective. Still, the NOSBOIS guy has a much better sense of humor that the Hollywood-airplane-ticket guy.
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Wellllll, I think this one's funnier than "Send them Packing"? That site could have been really funny, but was marred by something... mostly joke content.

Doh. What mr_roboto said.
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you're comparing apples and oranges

The Baldwin thread quickly became about the "America -- love it or leave it" issue, a VERY polarizing one -- and, on the side, was also discussed the "what do Hollywood actors know and why should we care" angle (I'm surprised nobody mentioned Reagan then, but it's just me). A few aggressive members made comments, and it got pretty animated.

Plus, you didn't get called every name in the book. People attacked you a bit, happens to almost everybody here. And you're more than able to defend yourself so where's the problem?

This O'Reilly thread, instead, is not that divisive -- it's a bout a not very funny website where this guy wants to get rid of an annoying talking head (if one wants to want to deconstruct O'Reilly he/she'd better use the Michael Kinsley angle, not this silly lost in space stuff)

If you want to accuse MeFi of bias, of extreme liberalism, of communism, go ahead Dan -- this is certainly not a Bush friendly community (the whole world right now, except for American Republican voters, seems to be on that wavelenght by the way). But to use this thread as proof of MeFi's bias, well, it's not working for me
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O'Reilly, 2/18/2001

The debate on your show is incredible. It reminds me of the debates that my
friend Will and I have on whether or not the escape hatch on the rocket that
will shoot you into the Sun should actually work. Will says it should, but
I say that the handle should just break off and shoot a bunch of confetti
into your face. What do you think?


One of my favorites.
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