It has been suggested, to general approval, that the plural really ought to be 'polygoose'.
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General Approval...the strongest, and most popular, of our fighting men.

I'm not sure about Polygoose. Perhaps an intermediate stage? If you need two of the critters, Duogoose? Trigoose? Quatrogoose?

Man, I'm pushing it.
posted by Ezrael at 8:36 PM on June 12, 2000

But General Approval will never equal the influence of General Mills (it's probably his Lucky Charms).

And while we're at it, is that why Disneyland doens't have a second Monorail?

And there's only one Monongahela River?

But why do we only have one Duodenum? Shouldn't is be the Monodenum?

And why am I posting this nonsense to MetaFilter when I could be selling it to Seinfeld or Carlin?
posted by wendell at 9:37 AM on June 13, 2000

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