The Anthrax investigator.
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The Anthrax investigator.
Ed Lake, a retired computer specialist, has decided to solve the Anthrax attacks mystery. So he has created a very comprehensive site about the facts of the case. He has a theory about who did it. Very impressive data gathering for a single individual.
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Apparently, anthrax investigation is a growing hobby.

The most interesting recent tidbit to me, though, is this statement from Barbara Rosenberg, head of the Federation of American Scientists Working Group on Biological Weapons:

III. Statement by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
11 August 2002
I have never mentioned any names in connection with the anthrax investigation, not to the FBI, nor to media, nor to Senate Committees or staffs, not to anyone. I have never said or written anything publicly that pointed only to one specific person. Anyone who sees parallels is expressing his own opinion.

It is the FBI that has gone out of its way to make one suspect's name public
[Steven Hatfill, that is]. I presume they must have had some good reason for doing that; only time will tell. But if the publicity was not an important part of their investigative strategy, I think it was reprehensible.

Is she saying she doesn't think it's Hatfill?
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Oh, Rosenberg's statement is here.
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Interesting site but it comes to the same conclusions that most people already think (some disgruntled academic/lab worker). The only new twist he has is to seperate into two different people, the supplier and the mailer. I'm not sure how he came to the conclusion it's two people as he just introduces it at one point in section #10.6.
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He says, in short, that the source of the anthrax is likely a government source, the government doesn't refine the anthrax to the extent that the mailed spores were, private sector institutions likely could refine the spores further, therefore it was probably passed to an accomplice.
An interesting theory, but one that begs the question of how these people communicated and why there isn't some sort of "noise" detectable between them (I mean, there's a finite number of government people with, or formerly with, access to the spores, right?)
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9. The refiner/mailer probably watches Bill O’Reilly on the Fox News Channel.

Well, obviously.
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drove to a mailbox in the Trenton, New Jersey area, most likely the mailbox across the street from Princeton University in Princeton, NY

Oh this guy's good alright. His investigation doesn't miss a thing.
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His theory begins soundly but by the end it unravels into speculative drivel:

3.  The supplier is probably considered an unstable personality, perhaps even a "drunk".

13.  The refiner/mailer thinks that voting is a waste of time.  If he belonged to a political party, it would be the Fascist Party.
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The Princeton mailbox connection is a good idea. If this is indeed a scientist trying to do-good by alerting the US Govt of an impending weapon of mass destruction -- The most famous example was Princeton scientist Einstein who sent the famous letter to FDR about nuclear weapons which started the whole nuclear weapons program (although he was in Long Island at the time). The terrorist may have some delusional connections with Einstein warning the world to (re) start the biological weapons program, sending the message from Princeton, in his mind, may have strong symbolic meaning.
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Interesting link. I haven't seen much about the Anthrax investigation, just as I haven't seen a word about Osama Bin Ladin still being alive. It's like the White House and the Press don't want to remind us that we've utterly failed to solve/finish these two tremendously big aspects of the terror plots that rocked our country last year.

I don't know how much information is out there that is this clear, but I found it interesting. I did find his "profiles" of the anthrax sender to be a little far-fetched, but it's sure more than I've seen from our government about it!

I liked the link. Thanks for the good read.
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stalbach: For that analogy to work, Einstein would have had to send FDR a rod of fissioning Uranium
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"Documents from the inquiry show that one unauthorized person who was observed entering the lab building at night was Langford's predecessor, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, who at the time no longer worked at Fort Detrick. A surveillance camera recorded Zack being let in at 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 23, 1992, apparently by Dr. Marian Rippy, a lab pathologist and close friend of Zack's, according to a report filed by a security guard."

not 100% solid, but it's the only thing i've heard that makes any damn sense.
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I sent my Princeton mailbox and Einstein letter connection to Ed (above) and received the following reply:

The reference to Einstein's letter is an excellent one. I'll definitely make some comment about it on my web site. However, I doubt that the anthrax mailer was thinking of it when he sent the anthrax letters. I think he was just doing the same sort of thing without consciously imitating Einstein. (I also do not think the culprit is from Princeton. I think he's from nearby.) -- Ed Lake

Hope Ed finds the guy.
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Here is the comment on Eds site.
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Why have we seemingly solved the sniper case in a matter of days but the anthrax mailer still walks the streets somewhere? I know it's easier to commit crimes that leave less of a trace, but if crackpots with websites can build arguments and evidence, why didn't law enforcement catch them?
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I haven't seen much about the Anthrax investigation, just as I haven't seen a word about Osama Bin Ladin still being alive.

I don't understand why the Democrats aren't taking out full-page ads asking these questions, or bringing them up at every opportunity.
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I don't understand why the Democrats aren't taking out full-page ads asking these questions, or bringing them up at every opportunity.

Because they're cowards, kirkaracha. They're scared of the self-elected bullies who have taken over the playground.

But let's not forget that Daschle and Leahy were Democrats, and were the sole political targets of what was an attempted assassination. No Republicans got those letters. So you can sort of rationalize Democratic fear. After all, somebody tried to kill congressional Democrats.

I love Ed Lake. We need more Ed Lakes.
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I'm beginning to think that website design should now be a required course in high school.
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The world clearly needs more website designers.
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Is it just me, or does that site remind anyone else of the walls plastered with "evidence" in "A Beautiful Mind"?
posted by mmoncur at 5:24 AM on October 27, 2002

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