October 31, 2002
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FCC chairman Powell urges overhaul of radio airwave policy. Did the universe of available media just get smaller again? AP says "consumer advocates praised [powell's] position", but did the AP talk to the right consumer advocates ?
posted by jfc (8 comments total)
Is this another one of those Powells who are the "house slaves"?
posted by LeLiLo at 8:03 AM on October 31, 2002

lelilo - Michael Powell is Colin Powell's son.
posted by PenDevil at 8:05 AM on October 31, 2002

yeah, because the Right Wing is really underrepresented on radio.

no need to close sarcasm
posted by cru de meon at 9:15 AM on October 31, 2002

But what the heck does this mean? Isn't the "discovery" of unused airwave bandwidth potentially a good thing for smaller broadcasters who have been bumped from the spectrum in the past? Or is there already a plan in place to allot those new frequencies to Clear Channel et al? In and of itself, this article is neutral. Let's hear a good counterargument.

aside: I came *this close* to buying a Colin Powell mask last night. I guess I'll have to stick to Ken Lay.
posted by thebigpoop at 9:17 AM on October 31, 2002

Powell is talking about much more than the spectrum used for traditional AM/FM radio. The radio spectrum covers everthing wireless from police/fire dispatch to cordless phones to cell phones to 802.11b wireless ethernet cards and everything in between. So, this is a much bigger issue than just what you might be hearing on commercial radio stations.
posted by split atom at 10:45 AM on October 31, 2002

Yep, nothing like giving a single company a monopoly on required hardware.

You do know who's behind iBiquity don't you? "iBiquity Digital's radio broadcast ownership group has coverage in over 220 of the 276 Arbitron-rated markets, access to over 200 million listeners, and account for nearly half of the broadcast industry’s total revenues."

Yep, looks like more consolidation in the broadcast industry. Another move by the big boys to squelch any chance of diversity from new market entrants.

Remember, this is the same FCC that followed the recommendation under the late Clinton administration that low power FM stations regs shouldn't be relaxed due to possible interference with commercial broadcasters. Check out the NAB's stance on low power FM stations.
posted by infowar at 1:43 PM on October 31, 2002

jfc: Do you even know what those words meant?

I don't see why this position of powell's would reduce available media radio broadcasts.

Not that I like Powell Jr. at all.
posted by delmoi at 9:42 PM on October 31, 2002

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