November 4, 2002
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NOW Foundation's Third Annual Feminist Primetime Report TV Reality according to US Feminists:
#1: Men Run the U.S. and the World
#2 The Jennifer Aniston Rule. etc...
Review of the report in SF GATE

/QUESTION/ Is feminism any good for the society from the man's point of view ? What do you guys think ? I assume most Me-Fi users are males, right? //QUESTION//

Also a 16 years old female's journey to transgender identity (that's right this is happening in Berkeley, CA)

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This post was deleted for the following reason:

I'm sorry, but the formatting of this post is absolutely deplorable.

Other than that, yes, feminism is a good thing from this guy's perspective--as long as you don't take it too far, of course, much like any cause.
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How is this post terrible? Let me count the ways...

1 is for the multiple paraphraphs that strees me.

2 is for the image that hurts my eyes.

3 is for the news that it is linking to.

4 is for the assumption we're all guys.

posted by Neale at 9:45 PM on November 4, 2002

Wow that's some scary shit when you're so used to Metafilter's imageless homepage.

From the NOW Page:

#3 Opposites Attract. Attractive women often couple with less attractive "average Joe" men and older men, placing value on personality over appearance. MOSTLY FALSE.

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Bureau: You are soo cut shooshie. Everyone is going to be mean to you until Matt gets out of bed and kills this post. It only stings for a minute.
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The night they found out [Jack was lesbian], her mom stayed in her room crying all night, and her dad went out drinking.

In many respects, Jack is one of the lucky ones. Born and raised in famously tolerant Berkeley, he has a supportive family, community and school.

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First, take the bitching about the formatting to MetaTalk where it belongs, boys.

As for feminism, to which of the many definitions currently floating around are you referring, b_s?

Television? Who cares?
Transgender? It's a free country, go for it.
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Spattergun approach - what is the connection between (1,2) & (3)?
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Spattergun approach - what is the connection between (1,2) & (3)?

They're sequential in our numerical system! What do I win?
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I actually gasped upon loading the front page.
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eoligarry: not everyone limits the definition of their "family" to their biological relatives. I know I don't. I assume Jack means s/he has a good support network of close friends (haven't read the post, it hurt my eyes, but perhaps also siblings?).
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Ah, come on, other than the picture and the formatting, it's a decent enough post - it's at least worthy of discussion.

eoligarry: I understand what your saying but I thing as far as coming out stories go, that's a pretty good one, compare to what some gay teens have to contend with.
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