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never acknowledged: evidently, reparations were never made to gay holocaust survivors in germany. never mind that's where the pink triangle came from...
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And in case people think that this isn't an issue in today's america, check out this twisted shmuck.

The whole Nazi persecution of minorities is a sad chapter of human history, Jews, Gays, Gypsies, and so many more people were targetted simply for a political rallying point....what's sad is how many people today, still quote the same "sources" of medical information, used by the Nazi's, to justify themselves.
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He killed a dog? For being gay? A dog?

Moment of confused silence

Really? This actually happened?

More confused silence

With all the divine powers as my witnesses, I have nothing witty to say here. I'm not even saddened. Baffled, yes, but not even saddened. I was going to comment on the history of persecution worldwide, from the Armenian Genocide to African Slavery to the Chinese assaults upon Korea and the Mongols in Russia, and the Pogroms...but somehow, this one stupid, mindlessly brutal act has just derailed all that pompous learned b.s. I was going to spew.

It's just so...stupid. I mean, you'd think it would go without saying that It's a dog.

I'm going to go read something else now.
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