The International Dunhuang Project,
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The International Dunhuang Project, developed jointly by the British Library and the National Library of China, makes thousands manuscripts and paintings from ancient caves and temples along the Silk Road viewable to the public. The artifacts were found in the Dunhuang cave in China in 1900 and dispersed to museums around the world, but now they have been brought together on the web. And if you want some appropriate music to go with it, check out Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Project.
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I love this; thanks, homunculus. I also like typing "homunculus".
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Huh. A similar thread hardly got any comments either. I guess MeFites are immune to the lure of the Golden Road to Samarkand. I'm not, though -- thanks! By the way, if you're interested, there's a movie.
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A similar thread hardly got any comments either

"Men are unwise and curiously planned"
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The Silk Road Foundation is pretty interesting, too...
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Excellent resource, homunculus, thanks!
You might be interested in documentary called Detours Along the Silk Route - it's an old link that's been in my bookmarks for years. It was done in 97 or 98 and I think it was one of the earlier web documentaries to use sound, panoramic photos, video clips - at least, it was one of the first ones I found. It's a pretty interesting project - a good read with some great visuals.
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