Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse?
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The Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse strikes again. Well, as sports prognostications go, it's no sillier than the Sports Illustrated Jinx.
yes, via fark, but I dressed it up.
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Of course, Dan called it back in September (scroll down), so maybe there is something there after all ...
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that fake mom thing will get you every time...

and whatever happened to the Coke guy? (mean joe greene?) there a Coke curse too?
posted by amberglow at 7:46 PM on November 18, 2002

What about the Jim Rome Jungle Karma? Yeah, he's a blowhard who just loves the sound of his own voice, but he claims that everyone who appears on his show has a big game the next time they play. Interesting...
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We had this on Sportsfilter last night. We beat the fools at Fark to the punch.
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Greg Easterbrook (now at ESPN) had some choice observations about McNabb's Chunky Soup commercial in one of his Tuesday Morning Quarterback columns last year. (scroll down about halfway to "He Could Just Mouth 'Hi Mom"). The commercials are just so bad, that it's easy to see why people suspect a curse.
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Damn, I've got to start getting back to SportsFilter. Too many websites, too little time ... on the other hand, I'm amazed to see (from boltman's link) that the curse consequences were apparently first predicted over a year ago. In haiku, no less! See, that's the kind of in-depth analysis that only the MetaFilter readership can provide!
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I had no idea there was a *Chunky Soup Curse". Here in the Philadelphia area we've been attributing every mistake that McNabb has made for the past 2 years on Chunky Soup (and his atrocious acting skills), and only half kidding. Is there also a Wheaties curse? I need to know these things!

*The New England Clam Chowder is good, for canned soup.
posted by iconomy at 5:25 AM on November 19, 2002

I have this same problem every time I eat a bowl of Chunky Sirloin-Burger Soup......oh, wait, wrong thread....
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What is really sad is that soup makes more accurate football predictions than the entire pantheon of professional commentators: (from article)

All told, of the roughly 300 Super Bowl predictions tracked by TMQ through this period, two were right -- a one-in-150 performance. If you simply placed into a hat the names of the 31 NFL teams that existed in those years and drew a name at random, your odds of predicting the Super Bowl winner would be 1-in-31. This means that in the past three years, professional sportscasters and commentators, possessed with their incredible insider knowledge, have proven themselves five times less likely than random chance to predict the Super Bowl winner.
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C'mon people... we're not living in the Dark Ages here. There are no such things as curses and hexes.

There is a simple, scientific explanation for this. I would guess that Chunky Soup leeches the calcium from your bones and breaks down the cartilage in your joints, aging your body at twice the normal rate.

Mmm mmm Good!
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Go Cowboys! The year they went to the Super Bowl @ the RoseBowl they were on the cover at the beginning of the season to go all the way. Yet now look at them, they need to blame a jinx this could be it. A decade later though.
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