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eddie bracken, 1940s slapstick comedian, passed on over the weekend. the star of hail the conquering hero and the controversial miracle of morgan's creek, bracken was often regarded as the onscreen alter ego of pioneering writer/director preston sturges. unfortunately, he correctly predicted that his appearance at film forum would be his last.
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He lived in my hometown, when I was growing up, and I remember trick or treating at his house on one occasion. He was, of course, referred to as "Roy Wally" -- a reference to his small part in Vacation. Later, I met him at a career day in my high school. He seemed a very warm and modest person and I'm sorry to see him go.
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i found disappointing the fact that there was no appreciation in the new jersey patriot ledger. i know he was probably considered a has-been to most of our generation and that his death was overshadowed by james coburn -- who had arguably worked on more vital and "important" films prior to his passing -- but he had taken on major roles in two influential films, and had worked with the first ever writer/director, and was a prominent princeton (?) resident. because he had no appreciation, i took it upon myself to show some love
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Wow, not a single proper noun in the entire post.

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do you have anything constructive to say about the post, aaron, or are you just going to sit around being snide?
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Ignore the User Comments at the IMDB page for Morgan's Creek: it's a wicked funny movie. Still controversial today, but for political incorrectness. There's a good swing dancing scene as well.
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My mother, wife and I appeared with Eddie in The Wizard of Oz at Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ in 1992. He was a very down-to-earth friendly person, who really cared about the people he worked with. I'm glad I got to spend time with him. Rest in Peace, Eddie....
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