Galleries of alchemical imagery
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Beautiful galleries of alchemical imagery selected and complemented with watercolor by Adam McLean. This is a fascinating collection of bizarre medieval illustration, as well as an interesting window on the proto-scientific worldview. His website features more images and even complete alchemical texts, for those inclined to explore further.
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The main site is here, if that's what you meant the third link to have been, eyebeam.
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Wow, his website looks familiar...
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Anyone who likes this kind of thing might also wanna check out Walton Ford's work. I can't find a decent link right now as for some reason I can't connect to google, but someone else might. As a child he would religiously copy audobon's drawings, and now he does these somewhat surreal animal drawings that are absolutely massive and incredibly detailed. Really cool.

Plus, he went to my school :)
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Pics are all low res.

I am incredibly interested in 'wrong science'.
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Oops! Thanks, hippugeek!

My first FPP... (looks sheepish)
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A wonderful find, eyebeam; I love these old woodcut drawings, and (like Adam, apparently) always feel an irresistible urge to color them in... I think he should begin marketing "The Alchemical Coloring Book"!
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McLean's site is a fascinating place to browse around. Another interesting, though less comprehensive, source for alchemical images is provided by the J.R. Ritman Library in Amsterdam. Also, I was interested to find recently that London's Warburg Institute now offers a gateway to online resources following their library's classification scheme...
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