Sopranos Season Finale
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The therapists are divided and the film geeks are disappointed but I, for one, thought last night's "Sopranos" season finale was fantastic (mostly due to the brilliant Edie Falco). What did you think?
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I think you'll be lucky if this thread lasts the night.
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I was very impressed with Edie Falco, as impressed as I was with Ralph's final argument a few eps ago. It was definitely an interesting episode, and they've definitely laid a lot of threads for the next season, but the whole season sort of felt like an interlude.

I thought it was interesting how the roles of various women ran parallel in the episode. Carmela wields great power over Tony's business decisions, and the same goes for the fat wife of the New York guy (i forget her name, binny or something?), and the hotshot lawyer's wife is pretty clearly going to make hubby give in to Tony's pestering.

Good stuff. Not great, but very good.
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Amazing. I debated with my roomate about some loose ends but no other show (other than survivor) has my rapt attention for 55 mins.

The only reason we are picky it is said, is because this show has raised the bar so high in terms of what can be done on TV.

Way to go Edie! Make him express how he feels and then you know your love ...
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I agree Kremb. I was totally floored that Carmella confessed to Tony her feelings for Furio. I was worried Ton would be on a plane to Italy to track him down before the end of the show. I hope someone gets word to Furio that he probably shouldn't return to the States LOL.

I too was very impressed with this season emphasizing the the personalities of the various female characters on the show. Adriana was interesting to watch this season as well. Not to mention, Tony's creepy sister Janice moving from Ralphie, to poor ol Bobby Bacala. Does anyone else get the feeling that this season intentionally focused on the perspectives of the female characters? IMHO, the finale brought the season full circle, while leaving enough loose ends to keep me waiting for the beginning of the next. I for one will miss it next Sunday night. :-(
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I loved it. Sure, the whackings of the past month have been great television, but "The Sopranos" has characters real enough so that some of the worst things that happen to them aren't necessarily mob violence-related. Basically, that Russian girl "whacked" Tony's entire marriage with a single phone call. Kinda goes to SweetIceT's point about the female characters getting their due this season...
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It was an entirely well crafted episode to end a season. No annoying cliff hanging, but successfully covering a great deal of open threads with some closure. Not to say that it would show how resolution would occur, but to bring them back up and give a notion of the way they would be heading.

I felt its only real flaw was that it had to end, something endemic to all closers. I for one will swear each Sunday till the season is resumed, and I imagine that's exactly what the producers were aiming for.
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What I really liked about it was that it showed Tony in control. Previously, he would have hit Carmela, hit the woman with one leg, burned down the house or killed the lawyer next door, done away with the Don from the other family....etc. But in each case, he controlled his temper and became even more powerful out of each of his controlled urges. He now has one up on Jonny Sack. Carmela is warming to him. He will win out over the lawyer. And he did all this without talking it through with his shrink! (Yes, he called her, but he didn't talk.) I think it showed that he's learning and growing as a person.

I thought it was great. Disappointing that some big thing didn't happen, but I thought it was fabulous. Carmela and Tony have never been that honest with each other ever. There's a great write-up about this in today's SF Chronicle. Also, the top "whacks" of the Sopranos.
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My co-workers have all said that the finale 'sucked,' and I guess I'm the only one who liked it. I thought the separation was just as big as a major character getting wacked.

It seems like every season seems to be the weakest yet when you watch each individual episode for the first time. But once the season is over and the story arcs are revealed, you can revel in how much change has actually taken place in all those little dramatic moments.

I think we've all been trained by TV to wait for the big climaxes with every story, and The Sopranos won't give you one until the time is right (and you don't expect it).
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I loved it as well - though the season overall was a little boring to me, I really didn't know what to expect with the last episode and was completely surprised by what happened.

And, yes, that Edie Falco -- what a great opportunity for her to SHINE! I've heard several people who are children of divorce say that it brought the emotions back to them because it was portrayed so well.

What's up next? Six Feet Under? I'm ready!!
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