Friday the 13th
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Are you Paraskevidekatriaphobic? If you think Friday the 13th is unlucky, then you are. But you might not be wrong. Hospital admissions due to road accidents increase by up to 52% on Friday the 13th. And of course the fear is so universal, it even spawned a series of movies.
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I always thought is was Triskaidekaphobia . . .

Hospital admissions due to road accidents increase by up to 52% on Friday the 13th.

From the linked article:

it's unwise to take solace in a single scientific study (the only one of its kind, so far as I know), especially one so peculiar. I suspect it has more to teach us about human psychology than it does about any particular date on the calendar.
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If anyone's interested, according to our resident Greek, the Greeks consider Tuesday 13th to be the unlucky day - something about Istanbul falling I think...

Where does Friday 13th come from? Anyone?
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Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number thirteen anywhere, not just Friday the 13th, right?

Anyway, my eldest son was born on Friday the 13th, so it's apparently not too terrible, unless you consider that the boy is practically my clone, in which case all bets are off.
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twine42, These theories are as good as any, I suppose.
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Interestingly, 13 is considered a lucky number in Judaism (for example, it's the year of one's ascent into adulthood- the bar/bat-mitzvah).

I was surprised to find that the office building my company recently moved into has a 13th Floor, which is fairly rare.
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In grade four I found a four-leaf clover on Friday the 13th. I have since been immune to the cursed day's misfortune emanations. This is my sorry excuse for a super power.
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Luck, like other delusions, is in the mind of the beholder.
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Is Friday the 13th any less common than any other day landing on the 13th? They don't seem to happen very often, but statistically it seems like the 13th would be just as frequent as any other day of the week.
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hey, I was born on a Friday the 13th. No major unluckyness to report within the last 32 years. I still haven't won the lottery though.
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Afaik, jragon, Friday the 13th is an unusual date because due to the structure of our calendar, it only occurrs once a year, whereas the other 13s occur twice.

Of course, I might be wrong. I'm too lazy to look at all 14 of the possible calendars.
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I was born on the thirteenth, as well as my brother, although not on Friday. In our family, thirteen is considered very lucky.
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shepd - you're wrong. Friday the 13th can occur twice or more in a year. Any month that begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th in it, and I know we already had one this year.

*checks calendar*

Yup. September.
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Friday the 13th can occur twice or more in a year.

Well, twice, anyway. Next year we'll have one in June. 2004 will see two, one in February and one in August. 2005 will have one in May. I didn't look beyond that.
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Last post, I swear. It seems that non-leap years with a Friday the 13th in February can have 3 unlucky days. One in February, one in March (consecutive bad luck! Ooh!), and one in November. The next time this will occur will be 2009. I'm done.
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In the Gregorian calendar's 400-year cycle, the 4800 thirteenths are distributed thusly:

687 Sunday
685 Monday
685 Tuesday
687 Wednesday
684 Thursday
688 Friday
684 Saturday

A single year can have as few as one (never zero) or as many as three Friday-the-thirteenths. The latter happens in non-leap years beginning on Thursday (February, March, and November), or in leap years beginning on Sunday (January, April, and July). Fortunately, we are not due for another such thrice-cursed year until 2009.
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You people have way too much time on your hands.

DevilsAdvocate, I am looking in your general direction.
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twine42, and others: 13 is considered to be an unlucky number for us Greeks, because Constantinople's fall took place in 1453 (May 29, to be precise). If you add 1+4+5+3, you'll get this lousy number.
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Numerology = comedy gold.
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kchristidis Cheers for that. I'll read it in the morning when I'm sober. ;)

Forgive me for being a cynic, but distructing 13 because the number adds up seems a little strained. It'd be better if it was the 13th day of the 13th month (yes, I know, be quiet ;) ) or 1313. ;)
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(To be quite honest, it sounded a bit strange to me too, the first time I heard about it.)
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It's just a prime number that comes after basically our neatest and most divisible number. It's too high to be a major factor of other numbers, like 3, 5 & 7, but it's not high enough to be truly beyond normal counting, which is where you are by the time you hit 17, generally speaking. That's my take anyway.

Friday's the only day named for a female deity - that's all I can come up with on that.
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Yes, MCD, taking the five minutes to work up the Excel spreadsheet for that clearly indicates I have too much time on my hands.
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