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idea a day offers just that. Sometimes useful, sometimes sad, sometimes spooky. Take today for example: "Launch a website called on which anyone involved in an argument or dispute, which can not be immediately resolved, can securely post and date stamp their answer for verification at a later date. If proved right, the individual can request the site to send a smug email to whomever got it wrong." [via soapboxgirls]
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That's stunning. I have to say, if I came up with a great idea, you can be confident I wouldn't plonk it in the public domain and waive any "future renumeration". Maybe when I'm an old man, I guess.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 9:20 AM on December 15, 2002

Looks like there's no such thing as an original idea.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 9:21 AM on December 15, 2002

And what a familiar shade of blue...
posted by jazon at 9:33 AM on December 15, 2002

It's a beautiful colour. That's half the reason I stick around here.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 9:34 AM on December 15, 2002

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