Nortel offering $1 Million to employees who recruit talented friends.
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Nortel offering $1 Million to employees who recruit talented friends. Employees are being asked to submit applications from family and friends, and for every new hire the referring employee gets $2,000 and the chance to enter five draws, each with a prize of $100,000. About 1,000 of the 5,300 optical jobs are in Canada, with the rest split between the United States and Britain. For well-connected employees, there is a $10,000 bonus for bringing in three people, and a $20,000 bonus for five.

Did I happen to mention my major is Telecommunications Management, and I graduate in 2 semesters???
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Not counting the raffle prize, it's possible to do better than this at other optical companies, particularly startups (or so it has seemed in my short experience). There's a a huge shortage of good people in an industry that is suddenly very popular. Of course, if you're like me, all your programming associates from college already moved to California to join web companies, so it's pretty much moot.
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My company offers a (paltry in comparison, but whatever) $1,000 if you refer someone and they stick around for at least three months. That's pretty cool, but I don't know anyone that doesn't suck professionally that I'd actually like to work with every day.
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Something to consider...

I live close to Nortel-ville in North Dallas and hang out with many Nortel guys at a local bar from time to time. I've worked with many people who once worked for Nortel. Just know that Nortel has a very strange way of operating - they hire, hire, hire to grow really fast, maintain that for a while then lay-off people like crazy. I think that, from what I've seen, Nortel uses Bulemia as a business model - binge and purge.
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