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metropolis, on kcrw (previously mentioned here) is a radio show i've been listening to since 1996. it's on most weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 for those lucky enough to be within broadcast range, for the rest of us it can be found at here starting 7:30 pm (realplayer, mp3 or windows media).
if you like electronic music (i hate the limitations of that label) check it out. jason bentley mixes records and hosts the show (among other things) and does an excellent job of combining new music, out-of-the-way stuff and interviews . it's not hyperbole to say that this show changed my life by introducing me to the music of ltj bukem (warning: flash, frames, bad design, all manner of horrors)
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oh well.
posted by dolface at 8:16 PM on December 26, 2002

I really enjoy Bukem's stuff. I got to meet him at an obscure show in Orlando, FL a couple years ago. the entire good looking crew was very friendly and we bullshittedfor a long time.. very hard to understand their soft spoken accent in a crowded room :)

i've got most of his albums. i really like it all, and it makes me feel like i'm getting older, because this is definitely slower paced and more atmospheric than, say, darkstep or breaks :)
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shadow45, i've never met him, but i've seen him three times, and i've got everything he ever put out, on vinyl and cd.
i'm with you on the feeling older thing, but darkstep never did it for me.
(i've got a tape from 1991 , which is much more 'jungle' than his later stuff, but you can hear the precursors of his later work on it. contact me offline if you'd like a copy)
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hey thanks for the link..... dj hose's "version sounds" (i think it it is...) on tuesday nights is excellent as well - ill post the station tomorrow (another la indy station).... very good stuff.
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Metropolis is one of my favorite radio programs. Thanks for pointing it out to people that aren't in L.A.
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I usually like Metropolis when I happen upon it in my car, but I also smiled heartily at Steven Mikulan's snarkiness (directed at KCRW in general) in the LA Weekly:

"...KCRW's trademark techno-lite, snorey world music and fake rave noise."

I think you can also listen to KCRW via iTunes Internet Radio, fwiw.
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i guess just about anything will be criticized in some way by someone, huh. kcrw is the only radio station i listen to, and metropolis is just one of many great shows. once you start listening to a real dj who chooses music you may have never heard before it's impossible to return to the crap music world of single-corporation-owned popular music stations. i just laugh when i see the newest car commercials out with a song i've been listening to on kcrw for over a year.
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hey. here is check out jose's "headspace" on tuesday nights... between 8-10 pm (varies) he's stellar and has the best collection of new - extremely good sounds...anywhere. veteran of back in the good old days.
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When I was in LA (1996-2000), Metropolis was a HUGE influence for me and Jason did more to shape my tastes in eletronic dance music than just about anyone else. I was listening to a lot of breakbeat trance (e.g. Hybrid) at that time, but now have migrated to deep house and related house-y genres. Trust me when I tell you that it's not the same online.

KCRW is really a unique NPR station in that they have such a strong music lineup. I'm in NYC now, and while I listen to WNYC for the NPR content, they mainly play classical, which I do not have the patience for, yet.

Jason sometimes opens the evening with William Orbit's "Like Water From a Vine Leaf" and it's such a spine-tingling tune that it just melts me every time. I believe he is the most influential electronic music DJ in America, as much as that is worth.

Those of you who love electronic music should also check out I've barely started using that database and it seems to be very deep and expandable.
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p.s. Don't forget Adam F's "Colours" for influential atmospheric d'n'b :)
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