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The case of the five vanishing terrorists from Canada. "We don't know if they ever entered the U.S.," Mr. Cogswell said. "And in fact we've never linked these guys to terrorists. Most of what we have here is an unknown, and even with these individuals we don't know if they are true names with those photographs."
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Jesse! Why do you hate America? Or is it that you hate the President? Or are you just blissfully ignorant of how the war on terror/Iraq/etc works? We don't need to prove that a) the right names are with the right pictures, b) that those people came to Canada, c) that those people illegally entered the U.S., or d) that they pose a terrorist threat. Like Saddam, it's up to them to prove they didn't or won't do any of those things, or it's off to Cuba for the lot of them.
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Asked what might have triggered the initial FBI allegation about the five Middle Eastern men entering the U.S. from Canada, the Mountie replied caustically: "It was a slow week at the White House. They needed something to stir the pot because nothing was happening in Iraq." <--- Boy, they've sure got Bush's number...
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What about the pakistani guys that jumped ship in virginia about 6 months ago... not a word about them either. jeezus. at least we got a couple stragglers locked up in camp x-ray. h has anyone done the math on the dollars spent on each "evildoer" captured or killed to date?
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Hank_14 - Right on, we don't need to prove anything about anybody. This is WAR. Off to prison for ANYONE who stands in the way....US citizen or not. We don't need reasons or "evidence". We have the conviction of our beliefs...God is on OUR SIDE ...until he gets disgusted with us, that is...
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