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Beat the Pros - From Behind Bars A group of New Jersey prison inmates recently participated in a statewide contest, where they placed first against other prison teams, and third overall, beating investment clubs, students, and UBS Paine Webber employees. I've often wondered what one does behind bars, because HBO's Oz just isn't giving me the whole story, methinks. Now I know.
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Additional info: it was a statewide stock-picking game
posted by matteo at 2:40 PM on January 23, 2003

I think it's fitting that the ones best suited to reading the collective mind of stockbrokers are criminals.
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Just goes to show: crime and business are very, very similar. Can't investment firms hire these guys in some way? - give their "salaries" to charity?

Anyway, their heads will soon be swimming and their profit margins destroyed by the weird financial advice from the Enron folks the next cell over.
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"My research indicates monkeys can pick stocks better than most professionals." -- Dogbert
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I read a story (can't find the source but I read it dammit! It must be true!) about a study done with a stockbroker, a 6 year old girl and a dart board. The girl came first, then the dart board, then the broker.
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