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Meaningless and funny. I think the web is totally lacking in good writing that is totally irrelevant, funny, and doesn't try to preach. Why does everyone have to take a stance in order to be popular? Irritus is completely immaterial and cracks me up. It's perfect friday material.
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It's perfect friday material

No reason to wait until friday! Metafilter content doesn't have to be relevant or preachy either, despite the current fashion. Post funny irrelevant things more!
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I agree--I like this kind of stuff. Another fun non-preachy article was that one about what kind of society would develop among people doomed to fly in an airliner forever. I can't seem to find the thread, though...
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Why does everyone have to take a stance in order to be popular?

You take a stance in order not to be a herd animal. it has nohing to do with 'popularity.'

That said, I used to regularly read another site that StatGrape (who does irritus.org) did, a few years ago, and I can't remember for the life of me what it was.
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i'm not sure one consciously takes a stance in order to be seperate, not a geniune one anyway. a real stance takes you. i reckon it's usually just the product of a passion for what one considers to be right or wrong, and the more passionate a person is in their convictions, the more amplified the 'stance' will be.

just so happens that those who find themselves having developed a stance that's quite uncommon are thus seperate from 'the sheep' and therefore able to be either followed by them, or shunned. they become either a 'leader', or an 'also-ran'.
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