The Joy of Bellydancing
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Jasmina's Joy of Bellydancing is a fantastic site that will make your head spin(.mov) with links to every aspect of the world's oldest dance. Maybe you just want to learn a cool party trick(.mov) or lose a few pounds(.mov). Whatever the reason, whether you're young or old, you too can learn. So make your harem pants and cook up some henna, but forget about the navel jewels. Need a little inspiration? Check out these great vintage galleries. Hurry up though because the 13th Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe competition is just weeks away! Questions? Ask the Gypsy.
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But the navel jewels are the best part!
Excellent post, snez - what fun. I love the party trick, haha. And the vintage galleries are spectacular, wonderful artwork. This is really interesting stuff.

Of course I feel compelled to add Veena & Neena, the world's most famous identical twin boa-constrictor belly dancers. You can't make stuff like this up.
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oops - make that Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing Veena & Neena are indeed cool. Thanks, Madam!
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If you're in the San Francisco area check out Ultra Gypsy for some local belly dancing.
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I knew madam would show up in this thread.

Fun stuff, snez. Heads up: your "henna" link points to the same page as "old."
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oops part 2 - how to make henna - ok, i'm done now
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Fantastic, I've been meaning to check out some belly dancing classes and now you've inspired me.
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I always found bellydancing really tacky, until I discovered tribal bellydancing (link from Yasmina's site) -- it's a modern fusion style that uses moves and costuming from all over the world, and often uses S.Asian electronica/N.African rap/Middle Eastern pop to dance to. It also attracts a more alternative kind of dancer, with tattoos and piercings, etc. My teacher's troupe, Romani, sometimes dances at techno clubs in bright costumes. Urban Tribal is the most hard-core group I've ever seen do this style. I was so into the concept that I did a documentary on tribal bellydancing this summer. (no self-linking, right? it can be googled under Urban Ghawazee if you're curious)
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Our Crazy Uncle Joe's beautiful wife Anastasia is a belly dancer in LA.
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Yay Veena and Neena (my roommate has their workout video).

For the manly side of belly dancing -- where you get to hit things and watch girls -- check out Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ
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a certain other user also has a beautiful wife involved in m.e. dancing and drumming. (diary not updated in quite awhile, i'm afraid).

but you can stop by the [cough selfpromotion cough] store for some handmade dyed silks and costumes..
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drat. off all things to mess up. the beautiful wife can be found here.
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