June 29, 2000
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I seem to recall an online utility that presents a view of what a web site would look like in multiple browsers and on multiple platforms. My searching has turned up empty. Of course I've been known to choose unsuccessful keywords. Specifically, I'm looking for a utility to simulate the appearance of a web page on a Macintosh. Anyone here know of such a tool?
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It's called WebSplit.

posted by yarf at 5:51 AM on June 30, 2000

Sorry, my bad. That doesn't do what you're looking for. I know what you're talking about, tho, cuz I saw the same thing about a year ago. I can't find it now, tho, but I'll keep lookin.
posted by yarf at 6:13 AM on June 30, 2000

Not sure about an online utility, but these two PSDs are really usful for checking aout available space in different browsers.
posted by iamcal at 6:38 AM on June 30, 2000

There's an app (not online, downloadable at download.com) called Browserola for the PC that sort-of does what you want, although it can't simulate Mac-GUI differences like form elements, as I recall.. maybe somehow they added that. I wouldn't know, though, because I haven't used it in years: if you do download Browserola, do yourself the favor of cranking it up and simulating browsers you *do* have and seeing how accurate the results are side by side. I seem to recall seeing a framed page just fine in IE1 simulation, which is... not right :)

No one ever wants to hear this, but download every browser you can get, find a Mac, find a Linux box, find a web-enabled PDA, and test that way. Not good practice to test on simulated environments---your results will be only as good as the simulation, and I personally wouldn't want to stake the success of my site on an assumption that I had a perfect simulation.
posted by Sapphireblue at 8:17 AM on June 30, 2000

Does this kind of thing belong on Metafilter?
posted by daveadams at 8:23 AM on June 30, 2000

Metafilter: If you don't belong, we'll tell you.
posted by ZachsMind at 2:36 PM on June 30, 2000

God, I knew someone would question ***whether or not it belonged on Metafilter**. The dude had a question. There were people who could answer it. It related to the web. People provided links. Probably, we all learned something. Why so intolerant? Why can't people stop obsessing about rules and protocol on a forum they didn't even create. Now if Matt Howie has something to say about it.......

posted by jblock at 5:01 PM on June 30, 2000

Thanks to all for responding. Browserola appears to be just what the inquisitor ordered.

SapphireBlue: Your advice is well spoken. I try to heed it myself wherever possible. I was asking the original question on behalf of a visitor to my site.
posted by netbros at 9:28 PM on June 30, 2000

I am pleased that I was able to help, and that you did not run off with your tail between your legs after being thwacked on the nosie with that newspaper :>
posted by Sapphireblue at 10:10 PM on June 30, 2000

FWIW, I think it was a bad post. Try a mailing list for web designers for questions such as these.
posted by mathowie at 9:24 AM on July 1, 2000

My apologies. Back in lurk mode.
posted by netbros at 10:44 AM on July 1, 2000

Metafilter: When Mathowie speaks, people lurken.
posted by ZachsMind at 4:32 PM on July 1, 2000

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