Bush orders guidelines for cyber-war
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Bush orders guidelines for cyber-war Is it my old age that makes me wonder what else might be in this secret directive as regards computers and the Net? "First set of rules for attacking enemy computers studied." Perhaps you support the president or you are the enemy (recall: you are with us or against us)....
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Could be Postroad,
I know I can't be the only one here who's noticed that every entry on my weblog is being review from the beginning. I write the damned thing and even I wouldn't spend that much time looking it over.
Although, I've also had people threaten to turn me in as a traitor... Whatever.
posted by Tiger_Lily at 5:50 AM on February 7, 2003

in all fairness, and i would be the LAST person to be fair to that -----, sooner or later a president would turn this into a "national defense" issue. as soon as they started to think about defense, like NIPC, one of the hawks must have started to wonder how to use it for offensive purposes.
the thing is, this policy was instituted in secrecy(sure, i know lots of the policies are) and will be carried out in secrecy. what is gonna determine whether or not they follow their rules they come up with if there is no one to observe? or if the other side doesn't fight "fair"?
i think it would be harder to implement if they really are worried about retaliation. slammer took 30 minutes or less to infect 90% of affected computers. can they really plan protection?
i wonder, are they planning a similar domestic policy?
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The first rule of cyber-war, is you don't talk about cyber-war...
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Why add the gratuitous last sentence?
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msnbc.com link is unavailable. (>_<)
posted by xtian at 10:54 AM on February 7, 2003

I'm going down to the cyber-corner for a cyber-cup of cyber-coffee while we wait for the cyber-link to come back up. Cyber-anyone cyber-else want cyber-anything?
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Wait, it's cyber-back.
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