Enron Tax Evasion
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Three-Volume report on Enron released today Among the findings: "Enron paid zero federal income taxes from 1996 to 1999, despite reporting $2.3 billion in net income during the period" (from the linked article); executives took "1.4 billion" in compensation packages (SFGate has a piece on that.); and myriad details about the complicated machinations involved to pull this off (Mercury News). I am among the outraged though, frankly, I feel like they were just taking advantage of the system as it is was in place. If the economy hadn't tanked, this stuff might never have come out.
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And in other news, four major IRS officials were found dead in their homes this morning, two others were found to be "enemy combatants" and will stand trial before a secret court, and lastly, one is reporting that he actually witnessed Clinton fucking Lewinsky on a pizza, and is currently in Hawaii a witness protection program sponsored by Ken Star to keep those evil-doer Democrats from offing him.
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It's a bummer that these guys are looking to get away scott-free, even though all the evidence in the world is in plain sight. Enron bilked millions from Californians, and paid themselves off with the profits. It's ugly stuff.

At least a couple token guys went to jail for the Savings and Loan heist back in the 80s.
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Enron's trail of deception, in the BBC

(via Magullo's Enron FPP posted earlier today)

Good Enron stuff by Krugman in his famous Flavors of Fraud column
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At least a couple token guys went to jail for the Savings and Loan heist back in the 80s.

Yeah, but good ol' Jeb dinnit.
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And when it comes time to vote for congress, will you demand the candidates pledge to change those laws? WIll you remember their votes and call them on it when they ask for reelection?

I am assuming, of course, you vote.

I realize I am speaking to the choir here, but it kills me how little the public investigates the people that make their laws.
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