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The Human Nature Daily Review, SciTech Daily Review, Arts & Letters Daily, Business Daily Review. The busier I get the more I value these sites that separate news signal from noise and present the results in a simple and almost standardized fashion. Are there other great newsfilters out there?
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I also like Slate's summary of the day's national and international papers and magazines.
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Harper's Weekly Review is also an entertaining and informative round-up...
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I know not much about these things but isn't there a difference between news aggegators and those sites listed here, in which the editor(s) pick three or so pieces and post daily? These depend upon the judgment of the editors and if you like what they do then indeed they are nice. I believe all but the Human Nature site owned by same outfit now--Chronicle of Higher Education. I like A&?D but find them to lean heavily to the Right on their selections, that is a conservative bias.
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Arts Journal is pretty good supplement to
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Postroad: If you prefer a slightly more left-wing (OK, centre-left) oriented site, try floating wreckage:jettisoned cargo.
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I love Alterslash - a digest of what's going on at /., and the BigBlog that covers almost everything, both from the same creator - and both are bot powered, I think. In politics, there's Political Wirefor Demos and RealClearPolitics for righties, both are human powered .... so's the Science Blog
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I am trying to figure out how to do something like this for general news with (self-link) Today's News. ('Trying' is no exaggeration; I really haven't figured out how to make it work with the resources I have yet.)
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the literary saloon is good if you're into books.
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I enjoy as a good way of finding those back-page news stories that are nevertheless fascinating.
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Of course there's Romensko for media news and Obscure Store for weird news. I also read Gay Blog, despite its frustrations (too much boring, pointless news from little burgs, college campuses, and remote countries, and a lot of needless commentary from the blog owner). Anybody who knows a better gay blog, I'd be happy to see it.
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