Mardi Gras Indians
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two way pocky way: Looking at boobies and getting drunk are certainly worthwhile endeavors, but for my money the Mardi Gras Indians are the most intriguing aspect of Mardi Gras. With their arcane system of rank, complex costumes, and great music, the Mardi Gras Indians represent the finest in Carnival tradition.
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Nope, I'll take looking at boobies and getting drunk.
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I'm with you, monkeyman - I would love to see the Wild Magnolias, the Wild Indians and others. Great links!

Apparently, on March 19 - same date that the swallows return to Capistrano - there is a big St Jospeh's night time festival that is not to be missed.

St. Joseph's Night with the Wild Indians is not an experience to be taken lightly in any measure. It's the living manifestation of an age-old ritual, preserved and practiced by the descendants of the African slaves, which goes back to the perambulating societies of West Africa and their call-and-response chants, the secret societies of masked warriors which are common to both African and native American cultures, and the unsanctioned moonlight ceremonies conducted by African slaves under pain of death on the plantations of the American South.

...and check out the St. Jospeh's day altars, an important part of the festivities.
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I rush to see the boobies and I get an ad for book at Amazon; all other links give me that which is nice but not exactly what I had in mind. A sad day, again, for me.
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Oh, also, here are two great photo galleries from Tipitina's for their benefit to raise funds for the Mardis Gras Indian Councils. The legendary Tipitina's is a great source for web live web radio and has a terrific archive of video clips for past musical events. learned that from hippugeek!
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um, monkeyman...did you see the MetaTalk thread that said not to mention food in a thread if you don't want it derailed? That goes double for boobies.
Too bad if boobies and drunks are going to take the spotlight off the magnificent Indians
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"double for boobies"...oh...madamjujujive...

And getting back on track with a little background.....

A concise history of the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Also, the Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL.
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Boobies! Boobies! Boobies!

Thanks for all the great links! I love seeing the Wild Magnolias, its always a great time. St. Joseph's is a great time too, the alters are something to behold! Thanks again! Glad they gave up their violent ways for the concert tours, I prefer them this way!
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I realized my mistake when I saw the first comment. I've only seen Indians marching once, but I've seen several tribes perform at Jazz Fest.
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How many God damned Mardi Gras threads do we need??? Is it absolutely necessary to talk about this every single day? Go to the stupid parade and leave me and my family out of it!!!!! Enough already!!!!
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