Despite American efforts, world criminal court is born
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Despite American efforts, world criminal court is born With China, Russia, and the United States refusing to go along with this international court, just how effective can it become? And will the refusal of these major nations to join in add the what now appears the disintegration of global attempts at moderating international affairs?
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Err.. that's the same as this, right? (not trying to be snarky; don't know if you have a different point than the other one)
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and Postroad please notice the difference between the two posts.
yes, I know, I'm fighting a lost cause here
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A judicial branch is powerless without an executive and legislative branch so these will be deemed necessary in time. All three together make up a government. A world government is one which there is no hiding from should it become corrupt - and it inevitably will as there is too much at stake for it not to.

And that scares the crap out of me.
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I suppose the judgements of this court would have all the "effect" of UN Resolutions?

Somehow I don't think the ICC will have the prophylactic effect on genocide which it pretends to have.
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But how will we be able to convict Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush of their war crimes, if America doesn't participate in the international court?

Oh wait...

If only that pesky Constitution would get out of the way....
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Steve, please see the first thread for this day to for rebuttal of your misinformed argument.
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The administration of President Bill Clinton signed the Rome Treaty, but the signature was withdrawn by his successor, George W. Bush.

The U.S. was never opposed to the foundation of the ICC, in fact, the U.S. originally signed the treaty. The U.S. (The Bush Administration) merely wanted certain reasonable exceptions already granted to other Western European countries, such as the UK and France, as a condition of entering the ICC. When those were not granted, U.S. pulled out (not very manly). Right or wrong, the U.S. never sought to stop the ICC from coming into existence.
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