disgusting things traditional Irish flute players do
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More humor.
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This one time, in band camp...
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That first link, on "10 Disgusting Things Traditional Irish Flute Players Do" is on Pat Murphy's site. Makes me all nostalgic, it does. Dr. Murphy's "Twisty Maze" with his "Irish Thingies" was the very first web site I ever saw, back in '95 or so, using Lynx and a shell account. It's directly responsible for my own site on things Celtic and Medieval.

But lest Irish flute players take on all the credit (or shame), let me remind you that at sessions, the jokes are all about the bodhran players.
posted by medievalist at 9:33 PM on March 17, 2003

Thanks for the Bodhran jokes! I needed a laugh. C'mon, especially:

Fellow walks into a pub in Belfast with a plastic bag under his arms.
The bartender asks "What's that?"
"Six pounds of semtex", he answers.
"Thanks be to Jaysus; I thought it was a bodhrán!"


What is the difference between a dead bodhran player lying in the road and and a dead rabbit lying in the road?
The rabbit might have been on it's way to a gig.

Now try using the shizzolator on your favourite URL. An Irish Snoop Dogg? Naw!
posted by alicesshoe at 9:53 PM on March 17, 2003

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