What IS the deal with Frodo and Sam, anyway?
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Just how well do you know The Lord of the Rings? Test your knowledge here, courtesy of the Tolkien Sarcasm Page. Also of interest: the LOTR board game, and a brief synopsis of LOTR for you students who have to write a quick book report but just don't have the time to read the actual books.
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I previously linked to the site's main page inside this thread, but thought that the site itself was worth its own post. Some of the stuff on there isn't that great, but much of it is teh funnay.
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And if, as is likely, a bacterium had landed on the inner surface of the Ring, would the Ring corrupt it into an evil bacterium? Would it be invisible to other bacteria? Would its' life stretch out and become an unending weariness? Would it use its' increased strength and stature to rule over other bacteria? Would it fight to keep other bacteria from adhering to the Ring? Would it still evolve genetically, or would it instead become a Bacteria-wraith?
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Hee, thanks for the links. I have somehow become, over the past several months, the world's biggest obsessed Tolkien fangirl (without simultaneously having a crush on any of the actors), so I'm always up for a bit of LOTR-related fun on a monday morning. I particularly recommend, from the Tolkien Sarcasm Page, the Tolkien Crackpot Theories page
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Am liking Saruman's diary.
He seems to have a food fixation.
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Another fine LOTR boardgame.
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Muckster is right on on that one. Also don't forget the Friends & Foes Expansion, (which is a must), and the incredibly evil and difficult Sauron Expansion.

The main game and F&F expansion are cooperative games, with players playing the hobbits trying to dunk the ring in Mt. Doom. A masterpiece of game design.

For a somewhat quicker two player game with a LOTR theme, try out Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, easily my most played game so far this year, with 15 plays so far this year. Highly recommended.
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