Prosecutor named to ICC
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Hussein claims to be "pleased" as the ICC names its prosecutor. Surely it's only a matter of time before they attempt to try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & co. as well? Blair might well escape prosecution this time (he was only obeying orders) but who will come out looking the worst once the international jury is in? [more inside]
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Prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein, Ambassador and Permanent
Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations?
Um, so this is an April Fool's Day joke by intention?
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As I said, more inside...
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Hussein, a graduate of Johns Hopkins, chaired the ICC's preparatory group and was elected the President of the Assembly of States Parties in 2002. This really isn't that surprising.

His cousin, Hassan, [family tree] is President of the Club of Rome, a Davos-like organization. And although he's demurred having any interest, Hassan has been mooted as a potential King should Iraq choose to restore its monarchy, bloodily deposed in 1958.

Now, you do know that Saddam Hussein is in no way related to the Hussein royal family of Jordan?

At any rate, the ICC has at best very limited jurisdiction, and no effective jurisdiction at all over non-signatory states such as the US. One would also expect a post-war Iraqi government to quickly sign a bilateral letter of agreement, legal under the ICC charter, excluding US forces in Iraq from prosecution, should it decide to ratify: so far it has not.
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dhartung - to answer your question: yes. But then, we are all related, and from recent common ancestors. Very recent, if you believe the fundamentalists.

And to answer your other point, there is an election soon. Any alternative to the current administration is likely to sign up to the ICC. So even in the near future it is not inconceiveable that Bush could be tried for war crimes.

Unlikely, yes, but with thousands of dead, a puppet government installed in Baghdad and increasing terrorist attacks on US/UK interests, I think even the weighty tide of uninformed American opinion might yet be shifted.

I admit to being a utopian realist, but this post was too good to miss, today of all days.
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"The States Parties look forward to electing him, formally, to this important position at the resumed session of the Assembly of States Parties, which will convene from 21-24 April 2003, in New York."


in NYC, where the ICC writ doesnt run, an election result has been announced in advance.

As I've said before, you couldn't make it up.
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