Laura Palmer's Secret Diary
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The (not so) Secret Weblog of Laura Palmer brings back many memories of trying to work out who the real murderer was, and being deeply infuriated with how the story ended. As Agent Cooper puts it: "I know that good is stronger than evil and yet sometimes it's difficult to see it. Even in a place like Twin Peaks." [via Caro]
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Good show. I had a lot of fun watching the first season.

Have they released the "Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" into the public domain? Simply putting the full contents of the diary entries online seems much more than fair-use.

And why did they start the online diary a month after the printed diary? And are they including Agent Cooper's tape?

Not that I have those items at hand to compare to the online diary. No sir. Not me.
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Laura Palmer would have never kept a weblog. Not only is it profoundly inorganic (from a Lynch perspective), but I don't imagine there was a single personal computer in Twin Peaks. I also imagine she'd have been turned off by the BlogSpot banner on the site. FBI Agent Sam Stanley, on the other hand, would be very likely to maintain a blog, and his might even be interesting.
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But Cachilders, it was a totally different dynamic then. 1989-90 was it? Maybe among many of the MeFi crowd a lot of computers were out and about but no one I knew had a personal computer. (Sure, they were available in the computer lab but no graduate architecture student had their own.) In today's context who can really say who would have had a PC or not inTwin Peaks.

Man, I loved that show. And I love this:
Dear Diary,

My breasts ache, which is almost silly because they're so tiny. I'll admit they are bigger than they were last week, and certainly nicer looking. Always hard at the little pink tips. But God they hurt.

Mom came in earlier and we actually had a nice talk. I told her I wished she hadn't told Dad about my period, and she apologized but said she only did it because she knew how proud he would be of his little girl's becoming a woman. She changed the water in my heating pad and rubbed my stomach for a long time. We didn't need to say anything to each other for a long while, and still I felt like we were talking. She crawled into bed with me for about an hour after that and let me fall asleep on her shoulder. We shared a soda when I woke up, and for the first time in a long while, I felt like we were really close.

I hope I can sleep through the night tonight.
In the end I agree with your take on the Lynchian approach. No weblogs.
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"Bob is Bob
Eager for fun
He wears a smile
Everybody run"
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Actually, the Twin Peaks Sheriff's office was equipped with compact Macs and the FBI Internal Affairs agent who investigated Cooper was lugging around a Mac Portable.
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Y'know, I actually bought a copy of L.P.'s diaries because I was so infatuated with Twin Peaks (I saw Eraserhead when it came out, and have been watching D.L.'s film's ever since). I never read 'em, though. The book is in a box in the basement, I presume.

The only TV show I've watched religiously since has been Six Feet Under. (And Simpsons and Squarepants, when I have the time.)
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Ah, Twin Peaks...without it, I may not be married with two kids! You see...about an hour before each episode, I would head to the nearest grocery store and purchase a whole cherry pie to go with my damn good coffee. The checker was a gorgeous brunette...and I made sure that I went through her line each time, until I finally worked up the courage to ask her out on October 6, 1990. She accepted, and we went out on our first (and only) date on October 18, 1990. We then married on November 17, 1990.

Without Twin Peaks, it may not have happened. Thanks, Mr. Lynch!

By the way, the SNL skit featuring Kyle McLachlan was amazing.
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Anything can be Lynchian. This is good, don't get me wrong -- but somehow I picture a weblog as visualized by David Lynch to...I don't know...randomly change its entries as you're reading them (to something bizarre and sinister), or to suddenly not exist one day as you try to access it, or to contain anonymous posts with pictures of you sleeping in your room at night.
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That's crazy, davidmsc.

"I'm going to write an epic poem about this gorgeous pie!"
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Crazy like a love-drunk far, so good!
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neat idea to move this book/diary to a blog format (regardless of whether or not it is "lynchian," which it probably isn't). i like seeing it in a different format, providing for a different idea about laura palmer.

just watched the pilot, some random eps, and the finale over the last couple weeks. the dvds are starting to come out, and they have a few nifty extras for those interested. I know the first season is available, but i'm not sure when the rest will be out.
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we went out on our first (and only) date on October 18, 1990. We then married on November 17, 1990.

Awwwwww..... *blows nose into handkerchief, hopes no one notices*
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I'm going to tell you why I like this thread so much, but first let me tell you about a country called Tibet.
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Twin Peaks blah, blah, blah. It's no Angriest Dog in the World.
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capital work xmutex, that made this whole thread worth reading.
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my friend and i went to the double R diner. we made the mistake of eating breakfast, and didn't have any room at all for pie. he went to the bathroom, and came back with bad news. the graffiti read "damn, the pies really ARE that good!"
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Wow Bob wow
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