Afghanistan 1969-1974
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Afghanistan 1969-1974. Many photographs of the landscapes and people of Afghanistan as was. 'Searching the internet at the beginning of the year 2001 for "Kabul & museum" or for "Bamiyan" displays alarming news. This is why I'd like to put my old photographs of Afghanistan of the years 1969, 1970, and 1974 into the WWW to preserve a vivid memory of the treasures collected in the museum in Darulaman and of an Afghanistan as it used to be years ago ... ' (Also in German).
Related :- Lost and Stolen Images: Afghanistan, including a section on the Bamiyan Buddhas and some images from the Kabul Museum (via the Huntingdon Archive of Buddhist and related art).
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I remember when the Taliban dynamited the the bodhisattvas at Bamiyan. Man, I was for regime change in Afghanistan then and from there on. That was a crime against humanity. Thanks for this post, plep, it's very excellent.
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It's a stupid - or at least obvious - thing to say but thank God for photography and the willingness of people to photograph. I don't think I can any longer imagine what the effort to somehow capture or preserve what is our universal, eternal heritage would be like without them.

Of course it's not the same - but when is it? How many would get to go and see these landmarks if they were still easily viewable?

[Cheers, plep. Take a case of the your favourite malt from that secret cupboard beneath the stairs.]
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There are those who want to rebuild the Buddhas, and others who believe a third, reclining Buddha is waiting to be unearthed. The problem, of course, is that the Taliban are regrouping, and probably wouldn't respond well to these projects which would be basically undefended.

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great post. the pictures are stunning! (albeit depressing when you realize it's probably all gone)
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My grandfather showed me his slides last year of when he went to Afghanistan in the late 1970s, when he was in his 50s, to hunt some rare (I know, I know...) sheep in the northern mountains, almost to the Russian border. It looked a lot like this - I'm sure this place doesn't change much at all. I recorded his story on tape, but I should put his pictures up on the net somewhere.
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gottabefunky :- I'd be really interested to see these pictures, if and when you get chance to put them up.

It is indeed sad and tragic that these monuments have been destroyed; sadly, nothing is permanent in this world...
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I was in Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan last year where I spent some time with some survivors of the Afghan film industry. These photos remind me of someone I met there - a former cinematographer, now umployed of course, and gifted photographer. He had lost almost all his possesions when he left Kabul, and only had a single photograph remaining from his life in Afghanistan - it was a beautiful image of a man with a spear on a horse at a polo match which he tried to insist that I keep. It was impossible to accept it of course, but I think that blurry black and white image of the man on the horse is going to stay with me forever. thanks for reminding me

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