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Snakeman Steve. Get the jump on Friday!
posted by srboisvert (4 comments total)
Just as I was about to get some work done... *grumbles*
posted by xmutex at 3:08 PM on April 10, 2003

Great variation on an old theme (Snake). I like the smoother turns. I think the smooth turns make good the strategy of "slithering," or turning side to side to increase body length/area so that you don't trap yourself. With the square turns in the old game, it was better to just go all the way back and forth.
posted by zekinskia at 3:33 PM on April 10, 2003

Wow kinda like Snake on the cellphone only with whacked out controls...
posted by Windopaene at 3:33 PM on April 10, 2003

pht. that is so wednesday.
posted by quonsar at 3:50 PM on April 10, 2003

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