American pilgrimages
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The annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuario de Chimayo and Tome Hill. Here in New Mexico, this week Catholic pilgrims walk to Chimayo and Tome Hill. The Penitente, a long-excommunicated Catholic cult began by a wayward Jesuit in the late 1600's, hold their mock-crucifixion rituals this week as well, but the secret society doesn't encourage visitors. Are there more pilgrimages that happen Easter Week?
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Gee, I wish I could be there, answergrape - Chimayo is one of the loveliest little towns, and the Sanctuario is wonderful. I am not very religious, but there is indeed a powerful and magical feeling about the place - maybe it's the dirt, who knows? Here's another related article.
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hopefully no one will be murdered this year. was that last year, or the year before? that was really sad.
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I believe the murder was last year. And of course, there's the annual bowling for pedestrians with cars event. That sucks too. Like people don't KNOW the pilgrims are going to be walking.
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It's not really pilgrimage, but the Archbishop of Canterbury has revived the rite of footwashing, which is pretty cool.
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Years ago, I was watching the local news about the Chimayo pilgrimage and saw one pilgrim lugging an 8 ft. cross made out of 4 x 4’s. At the bottom, he attached a wagon wheel. Faithful AND resourceful!
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I've seen all those Chimayo pilgrims. I've also seen a few local Denverites trek out to the Giant Jesus Statue (not its official name...really the Mother Cabrini Shrine) in the foothills and then crawl up the many steps to the top on their knees.
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then crawl up the many steps to the top on their knees.

i bet that  gives jesus a boner.
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