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This post is not about war, or a product, or Bush, or politics. Instead I invite you to learn how to automate your home, find out what Bootsy Collins is up to these days, make Sesame Seed Balls (Ma T'uan), learn about ASM programming for your TI-82 (games! games! games!), read from the Niels Bohr Archive, or start writing now for the 2004 Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest. (more inside)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: metafilter without the filter

*cough* 2003 semi-finalist *cough*

I mention the last one because I feel that the contest is one that more college students should hear about. I found the essay writing process challenging and personally gratifying. Although I did not win, the rejection letter I got was very classy and encouraging. If you are a college junior or senior and reside in the US or Canada, look into this.

Otherwise, I just dug these links up from my bookmarks list. I use the net extensively, but bookmark rarely. I hope that one of these links will be as interesting to some one else as they are to me.

If any of these sites jog your memory of something good, please share. The more URLs the better. I tried to pick and choose random links that I thought would never be found together. Emphasis on the filter.

If any of these are dupes, don't complain. Please post something new and totally unexpected then!
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Bizarre. :) The filter is more like a shower drain in this case?
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